Boost your Sales Workshop Sydney

Boost your Sales, Win & Retain Clients Workshop

for Owners, Directors and Managers of Hair Salons, Beauty Salons and Fashion Retail Shops 

How to boost our salon’s sales?


What is the best way to retain our salon’s customers? And how to win new customers?


My team is not selling any additional product, how can I motivate my team to sell more?


I did try to implement incentives but our sales are still too low, how can I encourage my team to sell?"


Do you recognise yourself in one or all these statements? You might need to strengthen your sales skills. Our workshop is just what you need to develop your sales skills and boost your team’s results.





Many salon businesses do experience minimal or non-existent business growth. You are an artist and creative professional, not a businessperson and so are your team members, right? That is fine; you can be both! As gifted stylists, you know how to make men and women look and feel beautiful — and we can help you make more money doing it. Our workshop will assist you with strategies for marketing, stylist recruitment and retention, customer acquisition and retention and more are in place, and are proven winners when it comes to keeping the business growing.


Successful sales depend on an individual or sales team's ability to efficiently consider, connect, consult, communicate and commit. In today’s professional environment, it is important to communicate effectively. When you talk to clients and prospects, it is essential that your message is delivered in an interesting and comprehensive manner.

To sell is all about connecting and communicating with the client. Increase your ability to meet and exceed sales targets through effective sales strategies that influence buyers and their likelihood of committing to the sale.


This course will benefit all beauticians, hairdressers, managers, owners, proprietors & directors who wish to boost their business success and their sales.


Franck Provost, the successful French Hairdressing Brand trusts us.

For 4 years now we are working together to improve the management, communication and sales skills of Franck Provost’s managers, co-managers & head-office team members. Read more about our successful story:





  • Assess your sales skills to highlight and strengthen your own selling qualities & competencies

  • Increase your self-confidence when selling

  • Understand the psychology of buyers

  • Effectively use communication and body language skills in sales

  • Learn how to build instant rapport with clients by developing your listening skills

  • Learn to recognise and implement different influencing sales styles: Enhance results by developing proven sales tactics and selling methodologies

  • Remain flexible and adjust sales approach to different people and circumstances

  • Develop efficient workers incentives: incentive program that goes beyond compensation

  • Get ready to compete with the big brands

  • Get new clients and keep clients: Come up with marketing ideas outside of discounting

  • Frequent clients Vs walk-ins

  • Coach and mentor your team members to reduce staff turnover and its cost

  • Keep up with the trends to be competitive

  • Stay competitive: additional ideas and suggestion to make a difference





26 November 2018







Q: What can/can't I bring to the event?

A: The only thing you will need is the motivation to change for the better!


Q: Where can I contact the speaker with any questions?

A: Maud will be happy to discuss with you prior to the workshop


     Phone: +61 (0)2 9569 6906


Q: Will I need to speak in front of other people? What happens if I’m too       uncomfortable to do the role-play games?

A: This course is about regaining a sense of self-confidence: there will be some role-play exercises. However, these training exercises are completely optional. If you are uncomfortable, you can simply attend the class: you are not required to participate.


Q: What is the refund policy?

A: If you can’t make it to the workshop, we will give you a voucher so that       you can attend the future one!


For further information, please contact us via email or phone 


Phone:+61 (0)2 9569 6906


What if I want to bring a friend or a co-worker with me?

For bookings of 2 people and more, please call: +61 2 9569 6906 to get a discount







Maud has over 10 years experience in Personal and Professional Development.

She develops a unique approach utilising 3 core areas:


  • Personal Presentation: Image Consulting

  • Body Language & Communication skills

  • Personal Development, NLP


This unique approach comes with a unique pedagogy: interactive, dynamic and playful!

With the highest integrity, Maud provides authentic coaching from the heart, with passion and purpose.

Empathic, intuitive, creative and generous are some of Maud’s qualities.

She works with all kinds of clients: corporate, association, individual, jobseeker, graduate, people with special needs…

Thanks to her beautician background and her experience working in hair salons; Maud understands exactly your challenges and develops solutions that meet your exact needs.





  • Gain key sales skills and learn to share them with your team

  • Increase your team’s performance thanks to your new sales skills

  • Develop more effective employee incentives to boost your salon and retain your talents

  • Get new clients and keep your clients 

  • Stay competitive



  • Early Bird (Until Monday 29th October 2018) - $195

  • Regular Pricing (From Tuesday 30th October 2018) - $245






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