Affective and Sexual Life: Social-Sexual Education



Affection, love, relationships and sex are all normal aspects of one’s life. However, unsafe practices are associated with risks and health problems, both physical and mental. These can be harmful to our own health and also to our partner’s health as well. Learning key skills, tools and knowledge to avoid these negative health outcomes is important in one’s development.

But it is not only the physical aspect of a relationship that affects one’s well-being, but also the emotional aspect of that relationship. How we interact with our partners, how we understand their needs, how respect is shown between them, the trust is developed and maintained and the responsibilities of being in a safe and respectful relationship all affect the well-being of partners. The maintenance and evolution of a successful relationship pay significant attention to the emotional aspect.

New Reflections understands that the development of relationships is a natural aspect of one’s experiences. Our Affective and Sexual Life workshop will teach skills, tools and knowledge so that individuals can develop a safe, healthy and secure relationship with their partners. Participants will also learn the appropriate measures to take in order to avoid negative and unsafe outcomes.



Course Content


  • Introduction to affective & sexual life and its vocabulary.

  • Develop your body awareness and a self-care routine for a healthy body & mind.

  • Embrace the concept of 'respectability' towards yourself and others.

  • Understand the different levels of relationships and intimacy.

  • Be cautious with gender stereotypes & their impact on identity & well-being.

  • Don't go too fast: crush, date, sexual attraction, love and intimate relationships.

  • Know the risks of Sexually Transmitted Infections and Disease (STIs and STDs).

  • Develop safe sex habits by knowing your choices: protection and contraception.

  • Make the right decisions between a unique sexual partner or multiple partners.

  • Understand the role and importance of trust & engagement and their limits.

  • Be familiar with the concepts of healthy & unhealthy relationships.

  • List the health services and trusted people you can confide in and ask for help.

  • Respect the notion of consent: get ready to say - or accept No.

  • Learn to better manage your feelings & emotions including after a break-up.

  • Know the law: forbidden places, behaviours & actions: sex, law and consent.

  • Use social media & the Internet carefully and be aware of the potential dangers.

  • Create your personal contract to develop healthy intimate habits.


Various resources: experiences, practical application, use of pictures and videos, role-play games, picture reports, team games… Playful exercises, games and debates.

Note: Due to the current situation, all solutions are currently offered online. We organise individual coaching, group workshops and webinars through an online platform. Linking the right technology with our great creativity allows us to design highly interactive and engaging online training solutions.

1 day

Tailored content

Up to 12 participants


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