Case Studies

Case Study Ambarvale High-School

Success story

As a major Australian soft skills training centre for local and national companies across the private and public sectors, we run tailored and in-house training workshops as well as public courses.

About Ambarvale High-School


Ambarvale high school is a dynamic local high school with a focus on quality teaching and learning, located in Rosemeadow, New South Wales. The students there learn in an innovative environment where they are given every opportunity to excel. Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Excellence, and Cooperation are their core values. The school's Positive Behaviour for Learning framework is used in all aspects of school by teaching expected behaviours and rewarding positive behaviours. Ambarvale high school’s mission is to meet the needs of the community, improve the quality of teaching and enhance outcomes for all of their students.

Personal branding workshop for Ambarvale High-School



New Reflections had the pleasure to work with a group of junior leaders from years 7-11 – around 60 of them – who engage in leadership learning and school projects.


Their project for this year is around improving the school’s image – which is why they wanted for an expert to come in and run a workshop around personal branding and communication.


For this program, the focus laid on improving the schools’ image by developing awareness of what it really means to be a school ambassador and to wear the uniform with pride.
The goal was to help the students understanding in which way they are representing the school by wearing the uniform as well as raising awareness for their behaviour inside and outside of the school. Learning more about personal branding for high school students and how to build a strong and positive digital footprint was the second challenge to address.




The importance of the personal brand has taken on a newer and more vital role thanks to the digital age. Personal Branding is becoming more and more important for everyone; including students. Because Personal Branding is a person’s reputation; students need to focus on creating a strong and positive personal brand to help their future careers.

As part of the leadership program at Ambarvale High School, we designed a tailored program focusing on:

  • Defining personal branding and understanding its importance

  • Learning more about first impression and personal presentation

  • Understanding the impact of communication skills and body language in their personal brand

  • Wearing the uniform with pride and being a school ambassador

  • Embracing the school’s culture and respecting the school’s values

  • Focusing on their online presence for a safe and positive digital footprint

  • Developing professional conduct at all time by applying the right behaviours in different situations

  • Finding out how to develop a strong personal brand to assist their future careers


We started the day with a dynamic and interactive seminar with the 60 students before offering workshops in smaller groups to allow more interactions with every participant.

The learning experience was designed in a playful way including debates, games, exercises, and brainstorming.




The students immediately felt confident enough to participate and debate. They took the learning experience very seriously and involved themselves in the games and exercises with enthusiasm.

They had a really great day and enjoyed learning about their Personal Brand.

After the workshop, the students felt empowered and motivated to take good care of their personal brand, as they understood its importance. They have learned how to present themselves, create a positive appearance online and offline, furthermore, how to successfully brand themselves, to represent their personality on social media. They will now take responsibility for their own actions and take more care on their social media channels as well as their first impression.





It was a pleasure to work with Ambarvale High School; we would definitely be glad to assist them again with a future project.

New Reflections is well aware of the need for students to not only develop their hard skills but also focus on the fundamental soft skills, which are crucial.


Soft skills are personal characteristics that enable high school students to interact well with others. Some of the most important soft skills for students include communication, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, leadership, and personal branding.

As we are confident that this topic is essential for high school students, we will definitely be happy to work with other schools on this topic or any soft skills training for students.




  • 100% of the participants would recommend our courses to other students

  • 100% of the participants would recommend our trainer to other students



Key things they learned through our workshops:


“Everything you do is very important in the future”, “How to create our own personal branding that will benefit us in the future”, “Self-confidence”, “Body-language is more important than I thought”, “How to communicate better”, “How to brand yourself well”, “Communication towards others”, “That what we do on social media stays”, “Self-presentation”



What they like about our workshops:


“Everything”, “Case studies”, “Group exercises”, “Group discussions”, “Real-life examples”, “Games”, “Role-play”, “The lecture”, “Interactive parts”, “How employers look at you and search you up”, “How to secure my social media”



What they say about the workshop:


“Amazing, I was very interested the whole time”, “Thank you for coming today!”, “Would recommend this course 100%!”, “The speaker was good, I would definitely recommend her”, “Amazing”, “I enjoyed it”

Ambarvale School and New Reflections


Student Learning Advisor, HSIE Teacher, Junior Leaders Coordinator


What was your main motivation or challenge when you first contacted us?

The Junior Leadership Team was working on improving the school’s image in the community and getting some knowledge of personal branding and image.


How did we respond to this motivation or challenge?

New Reflections responded by providing a personalised program that suited the needs of our students and the school.


What were the advantages for Ambarvale High School, to work with New Reflections?

We were able to have an external professional company present their knowledge in an engaging workshop.


Did the learning solutions we offered to meet your expectations?

Yes, they did. Students were able to walk away with increased knowledge and understanding of their personal branding and image. The workshop was engaging and worthwhile.


Would you recommend our training workshops at other schools? Why?

I would recommend your training workshops for other schools. You delivered everything you promised in the program and catered everything to suit the needs of our school and clientele. Students completed feedback forms at the completion of the workshops and their responses were very positive.

A short video of Maud, our personal & professional development expert, among Ambervale students

Case Study Franck Provost 

Success story

As a major Australian soft skills training partner for local and national companies across the private and public sectors, we run tailored and onsite training workshops as well as public courses.


Franck Provost is a leader in the hairdressing industry. Franck Provost's philosophy is and has always been to reveal and bring the finishing touch to women's innate beauty through the power of hair.

Forget cold hair salons that make you feel like you’re just another client. At Franck Provost’s, you are welcomed by a cosy atmosphere with warm colours and flattering lighting. A friendly and skilled staff is here to immediately put you at ease and truly care about you and attend to your every need…

Settle down in your comfortable chair, flick through the latest Beauty magazine designed especially for you, and your stylist will soon be back with refreshments.

This is the Franck Provost experience…


A SUCCESSFUL COLLABORATION: Franck Provost & New Reflections


This brilliant vision requires equally excellent services: Franck Provost talents benefit from constant learning solutions to bring their skills to another level.

The delivered training courses target technical skills as well as interpersonal skills.

Since 2014, New Reflections has been in charge of the Franck Provost Management Academy, delivering Soft Skills training workshops for the hair salons’ managers and the head office team.


Franck Provost managers are talented hairdressers with solid experience and expertise. They have been chosen as managers for their personal and professional qualities and skills. However, becoming a great leader and an excellent manager requires proper training, guidance and knowledge.

Well aware of that fact, Franck Provost directors decided to equip their managers, co-managers and head-office team members with solid soft-skills learning solutions.

The main goal is to work on their communication skills as well as their leadership and management skills to be able to deal with different situations and challenges with confidence and professionalism.


Personal and professional growth is an ongoing journey. No one can become the best version of themselves overnight, and a single course or workshop is definitely not enough to learn the intricate skills required to be a great manager and team leader.


In addition to giving regular feedback after each training workshop, managers are invited to express their needs, challenges and expectations for the future training courses every 6 months.

With the managers’ feedback and suggestions in mind, we sit down with Raphael Veron, Franck Provost General Manager, to discuss and decide on the next training program every 1 to 3 months.

After every meeting, we have been designing a brand-new and tailored program to meet the managers’ specific needs and address the current challenges they are facing.


Here are some of the training workshops that we have developed for Franck Provost Managers so far:


Our Leadership and Management programs target both the fundamental management skills a leader will need as well as essential additional skills, such as being able to deal with different personality types or knowing how to give constructive feedback.


Straight after the first training workshop, managers felt empowered and all set to embrace their responsibilities and missions.

Over the workshops, their communication skills have improved, they are more prone to using their emotional intelligence and their self-confidence grows stronger every day.

It is now easier for them to delegate, to organise their time and to manage efficiently team members with different personality types.


Franck Provost is determined to keep developing his talents’ soft skills with New Reflections to keep boosting the brand’s success and keep raising the clients’ satisfaction.

Managers will be offered group workshops on a regular basis, either monthly or quarterly.

In addition to managers’ training, Franck Provost is considering offering some specific programs to every team member as well as offering individual coaching solutions when needed.


  • 100% of the participants would recommend our courses to other managers

  • 100% of the participants would recommend our trainer to other managers

Key things they learned through our workshops:


“Different ways to manage stress”, “Emotional Intelligence keys”, “To delegate and to manage time”, “The impact of our communication”, “The link between emotions and stress”, “To match body language and voice better”, “How to communicate effectively with others”, “Body language is as important as what we are saying”, “How to manage my team better”, “Listening skills”, “Dealing with different personality types”, “To develop my leadership”, “To motivate and inspire”, “To be organised”, “Manage my time better”

What they like about our workshops:


“Case studies”, “Group exercises”, “Role-play”, “Group discussions”, “Real-life examples”, “Videos”,


What they say about the workshop:


 “20/20 as always”, “Thank you for listening”, “It was fantastic”, “Best of the best”, “Thank you”, “The trainer is really good, I would absolutely recommend her”, “I wouldn’t change a thing, it was a perfect workshop to learn to manage a team and individuals”, “The trainer is perfect, I had a great day and I like the fact that she trains on positive matters”, “Perfect training as always”, “Thank you Maud for your help, I’m always learning with you”, “Loved this training”, “I learned a lot, thank you”, “Thank you very much”

franck provost.png




What was your main motivation or challenge when you first contacted us?

I wanted to help our Salon Managers to feel more empowered. Internal communication was sometimes a challenge and I wanted to give them the tools to improve how they were communicating and how they were acting as leaders.


How did we respond to this motivation or challenge?

You helped by giving them a person to talk to that was not their boss. Through your expertise, you’ve been able to guide them and channel their ideas and questions.

You also taught them some simple management and leadership principles. It has allowed them to take some perspective on their roles, helped them to make their job more effective and also made my job easier.



Can you see differences and improvements after our training courses?

Yes, the communication inside the company has improved; people are listening to each other better.



What are the advantages of Franck Provost to work with New Reflections?

Maud is pretty flexible with the way she builds her training and she really tailors it to our needs.



Would you recommend our training workshops for other companies? Why?

Yes, I would recommend for any director that wishes to improve communication and management skills of its team members.