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Clients and testimonials | Soft skills courses

Find out what our clients have to say about our training courses in leadership, communication, personal development and many others!


Wellbeing is for everyone, this is why we are working with all kinds of companies and organisations and always adapt our approach to different audiences.


We work with companies across various industries: hospitality, retail, IT, engineering, real estate, financial services, education, marketing and advertising, sports, health…


New Reflections were great at determining our needs through pre-consultation. The International protocol and diplomacy training and workbook were very comprehensive, well-delivered and tailored to the content that was most relevant to our interactions with international stakeholders.

Everyone who attended was able to learn something new to enhance our confidence in delivering the correct country-specific protocols and increasing our cultural awareness.

The real-life examples provided were relevant and enhanced our learning experience. The training enabled us to take a step back and review how we can improve our communication style with our international audience.

Julia Mitchell-Dawson (she/her) | Senior Delegations Project Officer, International Education Division for the Department of Education Victoria

Thank you to New Reflections for conducting an exceptional communications workshop for our team. The workshop was well-organised, engaging, and packed with valuable insights that our team can implement and work on in the workplace. The workshop facilitator, Maud was knowledgeable, engaging, and adept at creating an interactive learning environment. She guided us through a comprehensive exploration of effective communication principles, techniques, and strategies.


Our team members have learned to be more confident, articulate, and collaborative in their communication. We have witnessed an improvement (which can only get better with time) in our ability to listen actively, express our thoughts clearly, and resolve conflicts constructively. For any business looking to build their team's soft skills through interactive workshops, I would recommend New Reflections’ approach to any organisation seeking to enhance their team's development and foster a more connected, productive workplace.


Thank you again to Maud and the team at New Reflections for empowering our team with the communication skills we need to thrive in today's dynamic workplace.

Lofi Taumalolo | Operations Manager at NSK Oceania


“NBCUniversal had the pleasure of hosting Maud for a personality-type session with our team. Maud understood our needs and tailored the session, using the specific tool we requested. During the session, Maud took the time to connect with every individual to provide rich and valuable insights. The team also had a great time and we would definitely recommend Maud to any organisations looking for an impactful debrief.”

Chris Predic | NBCUniversal | HR Coordinator, ANZ


What I liked the most about New Reflections' workshops is their Human-centred approach: I truly felt like the courses were designed specifically to address our issues, and not just global courses they would use for any client. 

They took the time to tailor their approach to us so that we would get the most out of training, and we did! 
We worked on our communication skills and gained confidence via fun hands-on exercises, which greatly improved our internal team communication
After this workshop, we feel much more ready to target the Australian market as a foreign company.

Ginger CHEN | HR & Admin Manager | China Eastern

Maud and her team were efficient and thoughtful in the delivery of services to our firm. They maintained a disciplined schedule and yet interacted with our team with flair and professionalism. Very commendable.

Dr Mo Kader | Managing Director | Consultica Worldwide Management


Maud is highly energetic and passionate about her job. Her broad training experience in communication, cultural intelligence, sales and customer service meant that we received a tailored and well-balanced learning program that proved to be a great investment in our people.

Alan Fung | Chief Executive Officer | Option Group | Sydney

Amy H. Video testimonial after her

"Train the trainer" training with New Reflections in Sydney


The customised business communication training delivered by New Reflections for my client - China Eastern Airlines Australian was very professional and relevant. Maud managed the learning environment very well and all attendees felt that their attendance was a good investment of their time. I would recommend Maud to my other clients in the future.

Simon Li | Program Manager | Top Education Institute

Maud is an extremely effective coach, not just in communications but also in leadership, personal effectiveness, and image building. 

She effectively switches between mentoring and coaching based on the situation/topic. She has a lot of experience to share, lots of interesting articles to go through, engages in role plays, brings a lot of positivity in the sessions, follows up regularly on the progress, engages you to think deeply and be positive, and most importantly creates a safe environment for you to practice new ideas.


I really had a transforming journey with her for the last 6months and I’m grateful for the positivity and perception change she helped me develop.

Simran S. | Engineering Leader, Senior Director Software Development at ServiceNow


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