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Communications Training Courses

There's more to communication than the words we say, there are many other factors such as body language and our tone of voice that are equally essential to how we communicate. We always focus on the words we use, "What will I say?", when we should really be focusing on "How will I say it?"

Did you know that 93% of interpersonal communication is non-verbal? We invite you and your co-workers to explore their body language and its impact on your business. Our unique workshop will give participants the essential tools and knowledge to communicate effectively.

The hearing is a sensory experience, that provides meaning on different levels. Listening is a voluntary activity, one where we can decide how we engage in it. Listening is a very useful skill that can be developed. Thanks to our workshop, you will only need a clear intention and the ability to concentrate on the speaker's words in order to discern what is being communicated on multiple levels.

Advance your employees & managers’ professionalism while representing your organisation. Thanks to our compelling workshop, they will gain a huge range of techniques and personal direct feedback on how they present. Whether they need to improve their pitching, give compelling presentations, persuade others or improve day-to-day communications, this workshop is made for your team.

Making small talk is not as easy as it sounds; it is not as challenging as it sounds either. Conversing with strangers can be awkward, stilted, even painful, but there is an art to it, and it can be mastered!

There is nothing small about small talk. You may think that making small talk is just a way to pass the time or avoid awkwardness, but many great friendships and relationships have started with a small talk! Small talk makes big conversations! Invite your team to discover everything that great conversationalists know!

Having the right communication skills is important in any company for any team member who will be involved in face to face meetings, telephone conversations and email exchanges. Remember that clients and prospects will form a perception that extends beyond the person interacting with them, to the entire organisation. This perception becomes their reality. This communication skills training workshop helps people communicate appropriately and clearly in any situation.

How to say (and accept) NO

What exactly is The Art of Saying No? A lot of people just don't like the idea of having to tell people they can't do something. When they are saying no, they wonder if they are still believable, likeable, or reliable and they often end up sending a weak ‘maybe’ or worst, they say ‘yes’ when they don’t want to. If you

would like for you and your teams to be able to say no firmly, and have it accepted, without being discourteous, this Saying No training workshop is for you.

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