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Life Skills Development

And Career Support Programs


Since 2008 in France and 2014 in Australia & New Zealand, New Reflections designs and facilitates tailored workshops to assist people with their personal and professional development.

We developed a unique approach to create safe learning environments for all students including children, youth, people with disabilities, indigenous people, refugees, domestic and family violence victims, homeless people, ex-offenders...

Main Goal


Providing personal & professional development solutions through life skills development and career support learning solutions.


Educational Goals

  • Understanding the impact of first impressions

  • Gaining awareness about verbal and non-verbal communication signals - both sent & received

  • Working on personal presentation

  • Developing stronger communication skills to improve relationships

  • Learning more about professional codes of conduct

  • Enhancing self-confidence & self-esteem

  • Developing employability skills

  • Getting ready for job interviews

  • Reviewing the basics of personal grooming and hygiene in the workplace

  • Developing daily living and life skills

  • Understanding the risks related to carelessness

  • Enjoying taking care of oneself


At the end of the training, each participant will receive a booklet that goes back over all advice given throughout the training with illustrations for each step.

Who are those workshops for?

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Communication is not as easy as it sounds. Building strong relationships might be challenging without the key soft skills needed to interact positively with others. Participants will learn effective verbal and non verbal communication skills to create lasting relationships.

Self-esteem is directly related to how we think and feel about ourselves; it is our opinion of our abilities. It can be high, low or somewhere in-between. While everyone can occasionally has doubts about themselves, low self-esteem can leave us feeling very insecure and unmotivated. In this self-esteem and self-confidence training workshop, participants will be invited to realise their value and strengthen their qualities and competencies.

Personal hygiene and general health are important life skills in one’s development towards a more independent and autonomous life. New Reflections will help participants to develop greater awareness of the importance of personal hygiene and develop key strategies and methods for maintaining a strong level of personal hygiene.

“We shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”, but still, we do forge a first impression of others based on their personal presentation Participants will learn essential keys to improve their appearance and dress for their body shapes while adapting to the circumstances.

Getting a job is a big step in one’s development. We will help participants’ transition into a new stage with the development of important employability skills. They will learn the skills necessary for effective employment; understand key communication skills, both verbal and non-verbal. After the workshop, participants will be ready to nail interviews.

Living a more independent life can often be challenging. New Reflections will work with participants and their carers to develop goals, everyday skills and support systems so that participants will be able to take a good care of themselves and homes.

Participants will be invited to understand the importance of respect and tolerance. They will learn effective ways of dealing with others, both formally and informally, and they will be ready to deal with challenging situations that may arise within their personal and professional day.

What you eat has a significant impact on your wellbeing. It not only affects your physical health, but also your mental health. One’s mood, thinking and psychology are influenced too. Participants will be invited to take their next step towards greater health and wellbeing.

Affection, love, relationships and sex are all normal aspects of one’s life. However, unsafe practices are associated with risks and health problems, both physical and mental. Developing knowledge and awareness to avoid these negative health outcomes is important in one’s development.

Understanding the rules and expectations of a workplace allows one to blend into a new environment seamlessly. Participants will learn the skills, practices, behaviours and communication methods to effectively integrate into employment.

Because of the greater proximity between individuals there is a greater chance of transmitting or catching something. Thus, hygiene in the workplace is of such importance. Participants will learn the tools, skills, knowledge, practices and behaviours of good hygiene.

Assisting Others with Daily Living & Life Skills

Are you assisting others with life skills development and career support? As much as it is a rewarding career path, it can sometimes be challenging to deal with different challenging or confronting situations. Our workshop will equip you with the essential skills needed to assist others with life skills development.

Emotional Intelligence & Empathy for the Carers

The process behind emotions is complicated and dealing with them can easily become tricky, especially for carers and social workers. This workshop was created to boost the carers’ empathy and help them adopt the right behaviour when dealing with emotional issues.

Train the Trainer for Carers

Do you have the desire to assist others with their life skills development and their career but you are unsure how to structure your actions? Our train the trainer program for carers and social workers is made for you. We will assist you with your public speaking skills, content creation and teach you to facilitate fun, dynamic and interactive workshops.

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