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Lunch & Learn

Lunch & Learn | Latte & Learn 

Short soft skills training programs

Short soft skills workshops to assist your teams’ professional development.

Great team-building opportunity to eat, learn & grow for busy professionals.

What is a Lunch and Learn workshop or a
Latte and Learn Training Workshop?

A Latte & Learn or a Lunch & Learn training session is a short training workshop for your team that is organised:

  • In the early morning: Latte and Learn

  • At lunchtime: Lunch and Learn

  • After working hours: Pub and Learn


​New Reflections is well aware of the challenge of finding time for professional development and soft skills training courses, this is why we developed 100+ topics for our Latte and Learn and Lunch and Learn short training solutions. We provide you with punctual actions as well as 6 and 12-month programs to follow your team on their personal and professional development journey.


What are the benefits of an Eat & Learn short training session?

Some of the Lunch and Learn or Latte and Learn training workshops' benefits are listed below (non-exhaustive list).


  • Develop your teams’ soft skills

  • 90 minutes short sessions, perfect for busy professionals

  • Tailored professional development learning solutions 

  • Highly engaging, interactive, and participative sessions

  • Ongoing development and growth solutions when you select a 3,6 or 12 months program

  • Hands-on tools and techniques to implement immediately into the workplace

  • Improve workplace culture

  • Cater for bigger groups than regular training workshops

  • Create stronger bonds between team members

  • Help the development of a sense of belonging 

  • Facilitate inter-department collaboration 

  • Improve internal communication 

  • Increase results and performance, and reduce turnover 

  • Boost your teams' engagement, motivation, and productivity 

  • Develop more effective customer service thanks to your teams' new skills

  • Increase the level of happiness of your team members

  • Excellent team bonding opportunity


Organise your Lunch and Learn program

Select your topic(s) and tell us more about your needs.

Receive and review a custom-made Lunch & Learn program.

Choose a date or a frequency and invite your teams

Enjoy a powerful and unique learning experience

Lunch and Learn Practical Information and Organisation

Duration: up to 90 minutes 

Topics: select your topics and share your brief, challenges to address, and your expectations 

Location: online or in-person, directly at your office

Participants: from 2 to many, all levels welcome

Frequency: one-off, fortnightly or monthly sessions

Pre-requisites: motivation and a positive attitude


6 months program, buy 6 get 1 for free

12 months program, buy 12 get a half-day final session for free

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