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Discover tips & techniques that will help you get things done with your remote team by increasing trust and accountability

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Due to the coronavirus outbreak, most managers and leaders are now working with remote teams as most professionals are working from home. For professionals who returned to the office; many of them are asking for more flexibility and remote work after a successful experience over the past few months. 


This online course is organised in real time and will give managers the tools & techniques needed to manage and lead performing and motivated remote talents.


Managing Remote Teams Training Overview


Managing a team that works from home is not always an easy task, especially when you are used to work with a physically present team. To get positive results it is essential to build trust with your team members in order to increase accountability and engagement among the team. This ‘managing remote teams’ online training workshop will help you improve communication and collaboration with your team. In this training, you will learn a new set of skills to effectively conduct meetings, overcome new challenges, use the right communication tools and overcome inefficiency thanks to essential coaching skills you will master the art of delegating by knowing how to assign tasks to your team members.


Managing Remote Teams Course Content

  • Highlight the similarities and differences when working with face to face teams compare to remote ones.

  • List your challenges and difficult situations in a remote setting.
  • Get introduced to the basics of communication for remote managers.

  • Focus on reducing misunderstandings and miscommunications due to remote communication.

  • Identify the dos and don’ts for remote managers.

  • Develop excellent personal habits to lead by example.

  • Set up clear and specific goals with a detailed action plan.

  • Reinforce your company’s culture and highlight expected attitudes and behaviours through the uncommon period of time.

  • Work on remote teams stereotypes, unconscious bias and assumptions. .

  • Discover coaching skills and tools to maintain excellent relationships with your teams while assisting them through changes.

  • Analyse your virtual team meetings to remove unnecessary time-consuming discussions and interactions. Focus on both individual and group meetings.

  • Learn keys to run effective and engaging virtual team meetings that will energise and engage your talents.

  • Get familiar with icebreakers and energisers to positively engage your talents in team meetings.

  • Select your monitoring tool and processes to stay connected with your talents (from a variety of offered options).

  • Practice the art of conducting online performance reviews.

  • Develop your emotional intelligence to build trust and increased accountability among your team.

  • Highlight your learning skills and structure your action plan with specific actionable steps that you can take immediately.


Various resources: Discussions, brainstorming sessions, debates, group exercises and activities, practice, case studies, real-life scenarios…


Designed For


This managing remote teams online training workshop will benefit leaders, managers and directors from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels wishing to improve their communication skills and ability to work effectively with remote teams. Learning how to manage people we do not see face-to-face is an important skill that managers need regardless of what industry they are in.  This training workshop will be customised to address your organisation’s specific requirements and will use an interactive approach designed to meet the learning styles of participants, regardless of their level or position within the organisation.




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