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Educational Methods

Unique & Inspiring Methods

New Reflections is well aware of the learning cone; especially when it comes to teaching adults.


As often as possible our learning methods focus on active learning.


We focus on the say & do!

Our highly practical courses are facilitated by skilled & energetic trainers who are totally committed to students learning.

New Reflections workshops are facilitated through a variety of adult learning techniques, role-play games, group and individual exercises and group discussions.

Thanks to this approach, students are learning key concepts and how to apply them to the workspace.

Our unique approach & spirit is not only results orientated, but also incorporates fun, motivation & team building.


  • Each topic is approached in a playful way with real-life scenarios and case-studies as often as possible

  • Our tools are unique, interactive and have a great impact

  • We use various methods to maintain engagement and participation

  • The students find the theory through exercises and games for a better impact and an easier learning

  • Various resources: experiences, practical application, use of pictures and videos, role-play games, picture reports, movie making, team games…




  • Feedback & survey at the end of the training workshop

  • Personal booklet for each participant

  • Feedback with the organisation

  • Individual coaching if required

  • Continuous training courses (up to 2-year programs)

  • Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion

  • Long-term evaluation: measure change in behaviour, knowledge and attitudes

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