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Personal Branding

Personal Branding: Essentials

Knowing how to represent yourself, your values, and your expertise and communicate this to your target audience succinctly is key to success.

To ensure your career success, you will need to build a strong reputation. In addition to solid technical skills, you will need to develop effective communication skills and presentation skills in order to inspire trust. Our powerful and interactive workshop will equip you with the essential skills needed to build a strong personal branding.

Personal Presentation & 1st Impression

Human capital is the most valuable asset of your organisation. The way your staff present themselves to your clients and the outside world is a consequent part of company branding.

Whether your employees wear professional attire, business casual, or uniforms, their image and behaviour significantly affect your brand.

Without words, without actions, Image is the key to making a good 1st Impression. Our training helps to realise the image impact and achieve industry appropriate dressing without compromising individual style.

Styling Workshop

Invite your team members to learn more about corporate styling and fashion matters with New Reflections’ unique styling workshop.

Developing your own signature style is about identifying your unique style based on your personality, lifestyle, profession, age, budget, body type and personal colouring.

Fashion merely gives us tools to create the public impression we want. (...)

Colour your Life

Invite your team members to discover their most flattering colour palette with New Reflections unique colour analysis workshop.

Wearing the right colours can make your team members look and feel more professional, energetic, and powerful while the wrong colours can often result in producing an apathetic, dull and unprofessional impression.

Our training workshop will determine the colour palette that suits your team members better and improve their impact and influence.

Natural Makeup Lesson

Invite your female team members to learn more about corporate make-up matters with New Reflections’ unique make-up lesson workshop.

When it comes to make-up selection and application, women are sometimes unsure of which products to use, what colours are the most suitable ones for them and what techniques will make the most out of their features.

Step by step you will review the fundamental techniques for daily professional make-up.

Virtual Shopping Trip

Invite your team members to learn more about personal shopping and how to save time and money by making better shopping choices with New Reflections’ unique personal shopping essentials workshop.

When it comes to personal shopping, we are sometimes unsure of which clothes to choose, what colours to pick and how to create a complete outfit.

Our unique workshop will give you keys to start doing successful shopping  trips.

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