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We had the pleasure to design and facilitate a Lunch and Learn training workshop for LS Travel Retail talents: Personal presentation & first impression in the workplace. This interactive and dynamic training workshop was a great opportunity to discover how personal presentation & communication skills impact our personal and professional relationships.

What is a Lunch and Learn or a Latte and Learn Training Workshop

A Latte & Learn or a Lunch & Learn is a short training workshop for your team that is organised:

- In the early morning: Latte and Learn

- At lunchtime: Lunch and Learn

New Reflections is well aware of the challenge of finding time for professional development and soft skills training, this is why we developed 35 topics for our Latte and Learn and Lunch and Learn solutions. We provide you with punctual actions as well as 6 and 12-month programs to follow your team on their personal and professional development journey.

Fun and short workshops: ideal team building activities

Are your talents always in a rush? Do you think that your organisation could do better at social links and events to offer more team building activities? If your talents are like LS Travel Retail’s talents, working in different departments with different missions and challenges, they don’t always have the time and the opportunity to spend time together, and this is too bad. Social events and activities are essentials to help your team members create stronger bonds and bridges between the different departments. This is where internal customer service can be developed. For LS Travel Retail’s talents, our highly interactive and fun Lunch and Learn workshop was an excellent team-building opportunity. In addition to developing their communication knowledge and skills, participants enjoyed working with their colleagues from other teams and departments.

Lunch and learn workshops are the ideal learning solutions for ongoing professional development programs

Our lunch and learn or latte and learn training workshops are the perfect solutions to strengthen your team’s soft skillswithout freezing your company’s activity for days. Because we understand how busy you are, we organise short training sessions to allow your team members to develop their skills and knowledge without spending days in training. Thanks to short training courses, your team members will develop excellent soft skills in various areas: communication skills, leadership, emotional intelligence, customer service… Invite us once a quarter, every two months or monthly to boost your team members’ skills.

Lagardere Travel Retail / Newslink PTY Ltd Lunch and Learn workshop

Workshop outlines

The workshop was designed around four main topic points:

  • Impact of the first impression

  • Getting the best from your first impression

  • Personal presentation at work: corporate styling

  • Body language as part of your communication skills

It was a fun and highly interactive workshop. Participants took part in activities and games while learning key communication skills. It was highly engaging and a great opportunity to develop stronger relationships across departments.

Participants’ feedback

100% would recommend the presentation to others

100% would recommend Maud Vanhoutte as a facilitator

General feedback

“Very good, could definitely ‘walk the talk’”

“Great content, very interactive”

“Very helpful and informative”

“Great content was delivered”

“Great starting point to develop skills”

What they prefered


Interactive conversations with the presenters


Group exercise

Invite us for a lunch and learn on-site

Would you like to organise a session for your talents? Contact us to schedule your training session.


We make it very easy for you to select and schedule a lunch and learn training workshop in 5 easy steps:

  1. Select a topic

  2. Tell us more about your needs, expectations & motivations

  3. Receive & review your custom-made program

  4. Choose a date, place & duration

  5. Invite your talents and enjoy a powerful and interactive workshop

Popular topics for our lunch and learn sessions

We developed +35 topicsfor our latte and learn and lunch and learn programs. Here are the most popular ones:

● Communication skills andbody language

● Internal or external customer service

● Listening skills

● The art of small talk

● Emotional intelligence competencies

● Introduction to NLP

● 1st Impression: increase your professional impact

● Power of positive thinking: towards solutions

● Self-confidence and assertiveness

● Personal branding

● Leadership & management modules

● Colour your life

Don’t wait any longer and contact us today to create your unique lunch and learn program for your team members. From 1 session to 1 session a week, we have the perfect learning solution for your team.

Maud Vanhoutte

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