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Who are we?

Your soft skills training center.

We are New Reflections. We are committed to helping your business succeed by maximising the effectiveness of human capital. We believe that happiness at work is a serious business. Studies reveal that happy team members will help your business succeed: lower staff turnover, stronger teamwork & better achievements as well as a higher level of commitment & loyalty.


We are a soft skills training centre offering excellent professional development learning solutions. We are specialised in communication skills, leadership and excel in customer service and train the trainer programs.

Leadership, excellence, empowerment, continuous improvement, integrity, respect for individuals, access and equity are some of our core values.


Internally, we are a small family-run company working with the best external consultants on the Australian market. Our small size enables us to offer you flexibility, reactivity and best-customised services. We have a solid 15 years' experience in creating and designing proven, successful, soft skills training courses. We have been accompanying thousands of people since 2008. We are a recognised and respected international authority in the corporate training industry.


We are not industry experts we are people experts.

Our vision

We are people experts, not industry experts.

We are people experts, not industry experts. Our experience is bringing us industry expertise, however, our passion lies in people development.

What we do well is developing your talents’ soft skills, and for that, we have just the right amount of passion, knowledge, skills and experience.


Some learning and development professionals will learn one technique or a few and apply them in class for most of their career. It will suit clients who are after a specific concept or model.

At New Reflections, our vision and journey are slightly different. Of course, we are highly qualified consultants, facilitators and coaches. We all hold strong qualifications and accreditations that we keep developing.

Our main difference is in the fact that we tailor every class for every single client.


We don’t have ‘ready to go’ programs that we will just rearrange from one session to another. At New Reflections, we listen to your needs and do heavy research to always develop the most accurate program to your talents.

We don’t specialise in a particular program because we’ve been studying personal and professional development matters for over 15 years. All the case studies and real-life scenarios organised in our classes are coming from your challenges, issues, needs and expectations.


"Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” Oscar Wilde.


New Reflections' facilitator's coach and train with an accelerated, generative, and experiential learning methodology, with a human-centred approach. They use Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), enneagram and emotional intelligence to create unique professional development learning solutions. Our experts are passionate about creating a flexible mindset through an agile framework of learning and delivering playful training methodologies.


Our programs are tailored to your objectives and we are committed to create positive team cultures. We cater to the learning needs of modern organisations, no matter their size or complexity.


This is how we can offer 30+ topics for your learning needs.

Our expertise

Select from 30+ training programs

Our professional training programs are development-oriented:

  • Leadership training suite: translate vision into reality.

  • Team building solutions: create stronger bonds across departments.

  • Soft skills in sales: build instant rapport with prospects and clients.

  • Body language & communication skills: develop positive interactions.

  • Personal branding: get the most from your first impressions.


You can access a list of all topics here. If you can’t find the perfect topic for your talents, simply contact us and we will design it for you. We offer both individual solutions and group workshops.

Why choose us?

New Reflections is you success partner









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Our learning solutions

Individual coaching and group workshops from 45 minutes to 18 months programs

Tailored training workshops

Tell us more about your needs, challenges and expectations

Who do we work with?

Wellbeing is for everyone

Wellbeing is for everyone, this is why we are working with all kind of companies and organisations and always adapt our approach to different audiences. We work with companies across various industries: hospitality, retail, IT, engineering, real estate, financial services, education, marketing & advertising, sports, health…

Our clients 

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We also support different communities by designing life skills development and career support workshops.


People with disabilities


People with disabilities should participate in the same range of activities as their peers but might necessitate reasonable adjustments. Our daily living and life skills programs increase the participants' abilities to live as autonomously as possible thanks to daily life activities, communication and social skills. Our training courses support participants to set and achieve individual goals by building on their current skills and assisting them to learn new ones.

We offer more than 10 training programs to assist people with disabilities with their life skills and career development. Our dedicated programs are focusing on communication and relationships, self-confidence & self-esteem, personal grooming & health, personal presentation & wellbeing, employability skills & professional codes of conduct, nutrition & dietetics, and much more. We have been delivering those programs for over 10 years.



Aboriginal communities


It is essential to gain a greater appreciation for the challenges and barriers that some aboriginal people face today and to realise how we can play a role to make a difference by helping them build life skills.

Our aboriginal life skills development and employment training program is designed to help aboriginal people improve their soft skills and find employment.

Essential soft skills are the skills needed for work, learning and life. They provide the foundation for learning all other skills and enable people to evolve with their jobs and adapt to workplace change.

We assist participants in identifying their skill gaps and work on essential skills activities that elevate competency that supports success in employment goals.

Our development program also equips participants with cultural knowledge and values to enable the development of a positive self-identity as well as essential life soft skills.



Victims of Domestic Violence


Women's ability to function and maintain employment skills is often diminished by the experience of abuse.

Our development program promotes survivors' wellbeing and assists them in building their future.

Our training programs are made to develop domestic and family violence victims' life skills related to employment. The first step is often to set goals and to plan for their achievements with a precise and achievable action plan.

Our workshops focus on essential employability skills such as writing a resume, getting ready for job interviews, preparing the interview questions, but we also design specific activities to work on personal presentation, self-confidence & self-esteem, as well as stress and anxiety management.

Thanks to our development program for domestic and family violence victims, participants feel more empowered, confident and resilient to take back control of their life.



Homeless People


Helping those experiencing homelessness acquire life skills can help them move on from homelessness and resettle into the community. Because people who experience homelessness do not always have the right skills to match available jobs, they sometimes need assistance in developing the life skills needed to reliably hold a job.

Our life skills training aims to promote self-sufficiency and to develop social skills including interpersonal skills, self-confidence and social networks.

Our program will also focus on essential work skills such as time management, problem-solving, goal setting, teamwork, effective communication skills, organisation, and conflict resolution to increase the participants' employability skills.

Our life skills development programs are tailored to meet the participants' exact needs and expectations.



Refugees & Asylum seekers


For many refugees and asylum seekers, inclusion in Australia is made difficult due to multiple challenges to social and economic participation, they want to build their new life in Australia and contribute to society, but most of them have to confront numerous barriers when accessing employment.

Our learning programs assist the integration of refugees and asylum seekers in Australia by helping them to develop the essential work skills needed to fit in the Australian workforce.

Part of the process is to assess their existing skills and qualifications to better find their career equivalence here in Australia. We focus on understanding the participants' aspirations to build their capacity for social and economic participation. In addition to employability skills, cultural awareness, and communication skills, we develop participants' self-confidence & self-esteem as well as their professional codes of conduct.





It is essential to assist ex-offenders and others with a difficult background overcome barriers in their search for a job, and thus assist them in achieving greater success to find and keep a job.

Improving post-release employment outcomes for people leaving prison is a key solution to reduce the risk of recidivism.

Our development program helps ex-offenders develop essential work skills to join the workforce. We develop an ex-offender-specific approach to ensure excellent results.

Our program is made to develop participants' employability skills with key competencies such as communication skills, time management, job interview preparation, and working with other skills. In addition to employability skills, our program also focuses on other essential soft skills including self-esteem, self-confidence, and motivation.



No matter who the audience is, we also adapt and tailor our approach to adult learners. We develop unique and inspiring educational methods to inspire every participant.


Click to view our Life skills development and career support programs; we also have programs for carers and social workers.

Educational methods

Unique & Inspiring Methods

New Reflections is well aware of the learning cone, especially when it comes to teaching adults. As often as possible our learning methods focus on active learning. We focus on the say & do!

The Learning Cone

Learning Cone GV.png

Edgar Dale, 1969

Our highly practical courses are facilitated by highly skilled & energetic trainers who are totally committed to students learning.  New Reflections workshops are facilitated through a variety of adult learning techniques, role-playing games, group and individual exercises and group discussions.

Thanks to this approach, students are learning key concepts and how to apply them to the workspace. Our unique approach & spirit is not only results orientated, but also incorporates fun, motivation & team building.


  • Each topic is approached in a playful way with real-life scenarios and case studies as often as possible.

  • Our tools are unique, interactive and have a great impact.

  • We use various methods to maintain engagement and participation.

  • The students find the theory through exercises and games for a better impact and an easier learning experience.

  • Various resources: experiences, practical application, use of pictures and videos, role-playing games, picture reports, movie making, team games…

Follow-up & Assessment

  • Feedback & survey at the end of the training workshop.

  • Training handbook for each participant.

  • Feedback with the organisation.

  • Individual coaching if required.

  • Continuous training courses (up to 2-year programs).

  • Each student will receive a Certificate of Completion.

  • Long-term evaluation: measure change in behaviour, knowledge and attitudes.

Learning methodology

Learning Methodology.png

China Eastern Airlines
Ginger CHEN | HR & Admin Manager

"What I liked the most about New Reflections' workshops is their Human-centred approach: I truly felt like the courses were designed specifically to address our issues, and not just global courses they would use for any client. 

They took the time to tailor their approach to us so that we would get the most out of training, and we did! 
We worked on our communication skills and gained confidence via fun hands-on exercises, which has greatly improved our internal team communication. 
After this workshop, we feel much more ready to target the Australian market as a foreign company."

We are committed to gaining a reputation of excellence in delivering quality learning solutions enabling all stakeholders to reach and achieve their goals. Our mission is to deliver unique training solutions that meet industry and employer skills requirements, enrich learning and optimise individual, group and organisational performance.


We are based in Sydney, however, New Reflections’ learning solutions are available worldwide.


You can select the best learning solution for you and your talents from the following options:


Once you selected the best learning solution for your project, simply contact us to tell us more about your needs, challenges and expectations.

Our clients are usually contacting us with a specific challenge to address. As we work with various audiences across several industries, our clients’ needs are always different. Some repetitive requests are:


  • Structuring organisational culture.

  • Developing talents’ soft skills.

  • Increasing the level of happiness at work.

  • Building stronger bonds within team members.

  • Sharpening presentation skills and public speaking practices.

  • Strengthening leaders and managers skills.

  • Improving internal and external customer service.

  • Assisting trainers with train the trainer programs.

  • Supporting students with employability skills.

  • Facilitating unique life skills development programs.

  • Creating excellent career coaching workshops.


Because wellbeing is for everyone, New Reflections works with all type of clients, not only corporate ones.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about New Reflections. If our presentation doesn’t answer all your questions, they might be answered in our FAQs. You can also contact us for more information.