Workplace skills & Codes of Conduct Training Program



Understanding the rules and expectations of a workplace allows one to blend into a new environment seamlessly. Knowing the rules and expectations of behaviour, dress code, appropriate communication language and development of respect allows one to have greater success in their job role.

Thanks to this workplace skills and codes of conduct workshop, participants will learn the skills, practices, behaviours and communication methods to effectively integrate into employment.


Course Content


  • Understand the importance of basic values such as respect, fairness, & honesty.

  • Highlight why people’s conduct is so important, and the need to set boundaries on what is and is not acceptable.

  • Assess your work ethic: how do you behave at work, how do you treat your colleagues, and how do you represent your organisation externally...

  • Work to the spirit of and embody your workplace conduct policy & procedures.

  • Adopt an ethical decision-making process that works even in complex situations.

  • Develop business courtesies skills and help prevent discrimination & harassment.

  • Contribute to a safe, respectful, equitable, professional, and ethical workplace.

  • Recognise behaviours that may do harm, determine whether you are personally responsible to take action, and compare possible outcomes to select the solution that best repairs the ethical breakdown.

  • Be ready to speak up if you see co-workers behaving badly.

  • Highlight and resume the essentials with a do's and don'ts list.

  • Create your personal contract to improve your behaviours at work.


Various resources: experiences, practical application, use of pictures and videos, role-play games, picture reports, team games… Playful exercises, games and debates.

Note: Due to the current situation, all solutions are currently offered online. We organise individual coaching, group workshops and webinars through an online platform. Linking the right technology with our great creativity allows us to design highly interactive and engaging online training solutions.


1 day

Tailored content

Up to 12 participants


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