Define your Values and Respect them Training Workshop




Our core values are the true representation of our authentic selves.  Unfortunately, our authenticity is not always what we present to the world. Individuals and team members experience greater fulfilment when they live by their values and when we don’t honour our values, our mental, emotional, and physical state suffers. This workshop will help you and your teams learn how to discover your personal core values and to use them in meaningful ways in both personal.

Neuro-linguistic programming inspired.



Course Content


  • Understand what personal core values are and why they are important.

  • Find out how values help you.

  • Get ready to make better decisions and to change some behaviours.

  • Understand what really matters to you: start highlighting your values.

  • Ask yourself the right questions to define your personal core values: happiest times, proudest times, most fulfilled and satisfied times (& opposites).

  • Determine your personal values.

  • Group similar values together and choose one word + one verb that represents each category.

  • Test your personal core values through daily decision-making.

  • Prioritise your core personal values.

  • Give your personal values a richer context.

  • Learn to live your values with integrity and to use them to make better decisions: reaffirm your values.

  • Get rid of potential barriers.

  • Understand your values’ evolution.


Various resources: experiences, practical application, use of pictures and videos, role-play games, picture reports, movie making, team games…



Designed For


This course will benefit all team members and leaders from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who wish to improve their professional relationships with team members by understanding them better. 





  • Motivation

  • Positive attitude

  • Smile



Varies from 2-hour to the full 2-day course

Tailored to suit your needs

Individual coaching or group workshop


Let us come to you

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