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Public Speaking
Training Course

Stand and deliver with impact

Learn the skills to effectively control your nerves and get your message across clearly and successfully by mastering storytelling. Get ready for public speaking with this tailored workshop.


Public Speaking Course Outcomes

By the end of the training workshop participants will be able to:

  • Deliver confident, engaging, and persuasive presentations, overcoming fear and anxiety associated with public speaking.

  • Effectively communicate their message using clear articulation, varied tone, and appropriate body language.

  • Captivate their audience through engaging storytelling, humor, and interactive elements in their presentations.

Public Speaking Course Outlines

  • Connect to your narrative around public speaking: from self-consciousness to audience-focus.

  • Structure the guidelines to create excellent presentations using storytelling skills. Edit a real presentation/talking point using the developed advice.

  • Learn the steps to analyse your audience and understand the best way to approach your presentation. Who are they, what are their pain points and how you will help?

  • Find out keys to create dynamic and engaging presentations: adult learning principals. Focus on adding value and delivering key messages rather than content sharing.

  • Learn the strategies to handle Q&A sessions confidently, addressing audience questions effectively and managing challenging interactions with poise.

  • Understand how to engage your audience from the beginning with excellent introductions to your presentation. Structure strong conclusions to avoid the classic “That’s all I have for today”. Practice with a real presentation.


And much more!

Various resources: video practice, real-life scenarios and role-play games, case studies, group exercises, debates and brainstorming sessions.


Your Tailored Public Speaking Course


Varies from 90-min to

the full 3-day course


Tailored to suit your needs


Individual coaching or group workshop


Online or in-person

Course Designed For

This public speaking and stand-and-deliver training program will benefit all professionals and leaders from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who wish to improve their public speaking skills to present with confidence and create engagement.


This training program will be customised to address your organisation’s specific requirements and will use an interactive approach designed to meet the learning styles of participants, regardless of their level or position within the organisation.

"I already feel more confident for my next presentation"

"I am amazed by how much learning I gain in this program after struggling with presentation skills for so long"

"Simply fabulous!"

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