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Overcoming Impostore Syndrom

Get over impostore syndrom and self-doubt

Break the cycle: Mastering Confidence and Self-Worth

overcome impostore syndrom with New reflections training

Overcoming Impostore Syndrom Course Outcomes

By the end of the training workshop participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the signs and impact of impostor syndrome on their professional lives.

  • Develop strategies to challenge self-doubt and embrace their capabilities.

  • Learn to acknowledge and celebrate their successes without feeling like frauds.

  • Develop resilience to setbacks and criticism, maintaining self-belief in challenging situations.

  • Navigate their careers confidently, expressing themselves authentically and seizing opportunities for growth.

Overcoming Impostore Syndrom Workshop Outlines

  • Identify Triggers: Recognise personal impostor syndrome triggers to address them effectively and build resilience. Set Realistic Goals: Set achievable goals and break them down into manageable steps to build confidence and momentum.

  • Challenge Beliefs: Learn techniques to challenge self-doubt and negative beliefs, fostering self-confidence and empowerment. Practice using positive affirmations to counteract negative self-talk and build self-confidence.

  • Cultivate Resilience: Develop resilience strategies to navigate setbacks and criticism, maintaining self-belief and confidence. Keep a journal to reflect on achievements, challenges, and emotions, gaining insights into patterns of self-doubt.

  • Embrace Imperfection and Celebrate Wins: Overcome perfectionist tendencies by embracing imperfection and learning from mistakes for growth. Celebrate accomplishments, no matter how small, to reinforce self-worth and combat impostor feelings.

  • Shift Mindset: Foster a growth mindset, embracing failure as a natural part of learning and personal development and incorporate mindfulness exercises to stay present, reduce stress, and cultivate self-awareness.

  • Personal Action Plan: Develop a personalised plan to implement learned strategies and track progress for long-term growth. Prioritise self-care activities to nurture mental and emotional well-being, replenishing energy and resilience.


And so much more!

Various resources: video practice, real-life scenarios and role-play games, case studies, group exercises, debates and brainstorming sessions.

worker feeling impostore syndrom

Your Tailored Training Course


Varies from 90-min to

the full 3-day course


Tailored to suit your needs


Individual coaching or group workshop


Online or in-person

Course Designed For

This overcoming impostor syndrome training program will benefit individuals, team members, leaders and organisations from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels wishing to improve their assertiveness, influencing skills and overall wellbeing.

This training program will be customised to address your organisation’s specific requirements and will use an interactive approach designed to meet the learning styles of participants, regardless of their level or position within the organisation.

Maud fostered a really safe and supportive environment where I felt comfortable.

I loved the hands-on tools and tips I can immediately apply.

Such an inclusive space, I learned so much today.

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