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Active Listening Skills

Develop More Active Listening Skills

We have 2 ears and only 1 mouth, let’s start listening more than we speak! Study the golden rules of active listening to become a more effective communicator.


Active Listening Skills Workshop Outcomes

By the end of the training workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Understand their listening strengths and areas of work

  • Leverage the most effective tools and techniques to create better listening habits

  • Develop active listening skills to build rapport more effectively

Active Listening Skills Workshop Outlines

  • Win awareness of the role your mindset and thinking habits play in your listening skills.

  • Understand the impact poor listening skills have and the misunderstandings they create at an individual, team, and organisational level.

  • Discover techniques that will assist you in developing a new habit of “listening to understand, not to respond”.

  • Develop more effective questioning skills to reinforce your active listening including the fine art of rephrasing and clarifying.

  • Learn to recognise and avoid barriers to active listening such as internal dialogue, interruptions, assumptions, limiting beliefs, and judgments.

  • Experience the best and the worst listening exercises and practice the skills and attitudes that facilitate effective listening.

  • Start speaking less than you listen and spend more time paying attention and observing.


And so much more!

Various resources: video practice, real-life scenarios and role-play games, case studies, group exercises, debates and brainstorming sessions.

Listen more scrabble letters

Your Tailored Active Listening Skills Course


Varies from 2-hour to

the full 3-day course


Tailored to suit your needs


Individual coaching or group workshop


Online or in-person

Course Designed For

This listening skills training workshop will benefit team members and leaders from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who wish to improve their communication skills and professionalism by attaining a higher level of listening skills.

This course is for professionals who have difficulties with focused listening or for those who simply wish to strengthen their work relationships through improved listening skills.

This training workshop will be customised to address your organisation’s specific requirements and will use an interactive approach designed to meet the learning styles of participants, regardless of their level or position within the organisation.

I’ve been told my entire life I was a poor listener. I finally have the keys to become a better one.

I am not saying it will be easy but I will try my best.

Thanks for a very practical workshop.

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