Women in Leadership Training Workshop

Develop your assertiveness and find your voice

Women in leadership

Did you know that less than a quarter of board directors are female? (1) Only 1 in 4 start-ups are found by women (2) and the difference between men and women’s average full-time weekly earnings is 16 per cent.(3). For those reasons, women need every edge they can get to address workplace inequality. 


Sources: (1) Australia’s gender equality scorecard (Nov 2016). (2) www.industry.nsw.gov.au  (3) WGEA Gender pay gap statistics (Feb 2017)



Women in Leadership Training Overview


Great communication skills are one of the major keys to a successful working relationship with colleagues and employees. A study by ‘leaders in partnership’ revealed that in the workplace, men tend to control the conversation 75% of the time. While it's a stereotype that women are natural communicators, in the workplace, they sometimes face specific communication and leadership challenges. 

By understanding gender differences in communication, the impact of body language and the factors that attract and hold a listener's attention, women can learn to successfully communicate with even the toughest of crowds.

This women in leadership training workshop will assist participants to find their voice, identify and build their strengths whilst also equipping them with the skills and tools required to address any weaknesses and become a more effective communicator and leader demonstrating confidence, composure and credibility.



Women in Leadership Course Content

  • Introduction and terminologies: open debate to introduce communication, negotiation and influencing skills for women.

  • Assess your personal skills: gain awareness of your leadership skills' strengths, weaknesses and blind spots.

  • Discover keys to project an image that commands respect: essential communication and leadership tips and techniques for women.

  • Focus on body language awareness for both your non-verbal communication as well as others’.

  • Study common communication and influencing mistakes that hold women back.

  • Communication with men and women: differences in female and male styles of expression.

  • Focus on communicating with leadership: projecting a more assertive image.

  • Dealing with challenging situations and crisis: handling conflicts and confrontations with dignity and control.

  • Learn great strategies to overcome your communication and leadership blocks.

  • Work on your core fears linked to public speaking to speak with greater ease in meetings and presentations.

  • Study the influencing principles, the 3 ways of influence and the 5 negotiation styles to learn to adapt your approach to people and situations.

  • Practise the art of expressing your opinion, and asking for what you want.

  • Learn to project a more credible, self-assured image to express your opinion with authority—and tact: move from nervousness to assertiveness.

  • Develop your ability to say no: learn to turn down excessive or inappropriate requests without feeling guilty.

  • Discover the power of self-talk and positive thinking.

  • Focus on final keys to start conversations, build rapport and leave a positive impression.

  • Highlight your learning keys and structure your action plan.

  • Develop your emotional intelligence and learn to better control your own emotions as well as others’: learn to better handle tears, anger and other strong emotions.

  • Understand how certain behaviours may undermine your position and expertise in the work environment while communicating and negotiating: Identify and eliminate unconscious habits and mannerisms that weaken your message and personal branding.


Each topic point will be introduced through a discussion, an exercise, a game, a case study or some role-play scenarios to reinforce participation and ensure a highly engaging and interactive workshop.



Designed For


This women in leadership training workshop will benefit women from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who wish to improve their leadership through advanced communication skills. Female participants will learn keys and techniques to better communicate with the opposite gender. This online training workshop in real time will be customised to address your organisation’s specific requirements and will use an interactive approach designed to meet the learning styles of participants, regardless of their level or position within the organisation.




  • Motivation

  • Positive attitude

  • Smile



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