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What are Female Entrepreneurs' Top Business Obstacles And How To Overcome Them?

Design your Wilder Success Strategy with this answer: What's my #1 biz fear?

"What is a biz fear?"

You've faced fear for as long as you've been alive; first day of school, first kiss, first-day driving, first day of college, etc. It's usually your first time dealing with an uncomfortable, sometimes unpleasant obstacle (real or imagined) blocking you from reaching a desired goal. Business is no different. Every female entrepreneur will face one major fear that is keeping her from reaching that next level of success.

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Let's Face the Fear Together!

I believe there are seven main fears we as female entrepreneurs must face to become more self-confident and gain financial independence. And before you quickly dismiss the fact of having any fears; let me ask you if you've ever said any of the following: "I have to work hard to make money, I'll probably fail so why bother, I'm too old/young for and no one will believe me, selling is too hard, I don't have the time or money to learn a new system, I can't afford to hire anyone-I'll just do it myself, I can't be myself or I'll be trolled on the internet, or I feel guilty for being successful".

Believe it or not, all of those aforementioned fears are obstacles that fall under one of the top seven main areas that we as female entrepreneurs face (Money, Mindset, Sales, Systems, Support, Visibility and Lifestyle). Regardless if you generate $100 or $1,000,000 in revenue, and regardless if you're Oprah, Marie Forleo or Beyonce', there's always a business obstacle that pops up. The difference between regular female entrepreneurs and Impossible to Possible Women such as myself and the ladies I mentioned is that we know why and how to Kick-ass Past the Fear to make "ALL" things possible in our businesses.

Describing each fear independently could be an article within itself. So for now, let's focus instead on the process you need to kickass past the fear. And hands down it's my signature WILDER Success Strategy. This process has been essential in helping me to start and scale my business. And this is the foundation I coach my clients to use in business as well. This strategy consists of working a wilder plan, identifying your ideal audience, learning automation, designing kickass containers, energising your audience and reviewing, revising and repeating processes to scale continuously.

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The cool part is you can use this strategy whether you're a new or existing business owner. If you tailor your own WILDER Success strategy before starting you will know ahead of time where you fit in the business world, where you want to be and how you will get there in less time. If you've already started a business, this strategy will help you save a ton of money, time and headaches as you strategise how to reach the next level.


Unless you're a rock star online marketer like Marie Forleo and can make a Billion teaching others how to start and scale a business, you need to let people know you’re serious about your business and how you will be an advantage to them with experience, expertise and benefits. I love this first strategy because this is where all of the business planning, spiritual foundations and sisterhood support are formed. This is also a good opportunity to receive early insight into how your target market audience will feel about your biz. This is a great time to build a potential lead waitlist, but it’s also the longest strategy of your success strategy.


This is the time to be seen as the perfect business with the right solution that customers happily will invest in. This is when you know what your competitor is missing, what your ideal client wants, needs, and the transformation process to get them there. This is also when you use the client avatar process to help you attract the right audience to your brand.


The majority of your customers will come to you based on the authenticity created by using this strategy. If you talk to them and don’t sell to them like a ”sale shark” you’ll see a huge increase in revenue. This is the time to overcome fears of getting visible with your brand, which is one of the #1 fears that hold female entrepreneurs back from success.


At this point, you're now having people connecting to work with you, but they come to you with varying income levels. If you create offer levels to meet all of their income needs this will transition leads into raving fans. This is key to building knowing, liking and trust in this stage to transition easily from passive to recurring income.


This is probably one of the most challenging areas for female entrepreneurs when you know you want to gain the audience's attention, give them value and make a sale, but you're not sure how to make it happen. This is when you use discovery and outreach methods to boost relationship connections. This is the time to use my signature v2 strategy (volunteering, value) and saying gracias to existing customers.


This is probably one of my favourite strategies because you can use it more often and because you laid the previous strategic foundations it'll be easier to identify your fears with this strategy. If you take time to identify your fear and the fear category, you will be able to quickly assess what strategy to implement next. This is the time to use market research, team members and coaches to help mentor you through the evaluation.

This framework seems pretty basic and easy, yet it's ABSOLUTELY essential because it's not just about you understanding how to lay the foundation, showcase your expertise, create amazing offers and use techniques that scale your's about creating authentic ways to build solid lasting know, like and trust relationships with your customers. It excites not just your followers, but your team as well with the possibility of possible for everyone.

The WILDER Success Strategy is something I discuss extensively inside my Impossible to Possible Women Members Club, and my members love having detailed strategies that lay out how to identify their #1 obstacle, which fear category it falls under and how to easily move past it.

Looking at your business right now, which strategy do you feel you need help within your business right now?

Head over to one of your favourite social media platforms and share which strategy you will use to Kickass Past Your Fear.

About the author

Gwendolen Wilder

I'm a Certified Business Strategist and published Author, with three university degrees in Business Management, Applied Behavioural Analysis, and Social Services and a ton of certifications in Equal Opportunity and Conflict Resolution. But I'm also the founder of the It's OK to Tell My Story movement and I'm the leader of the international community, Impossible to Possible Women which is all about empowering struggling and overwhelmed female entrepreneurs to Kickass Past Their Fears (biz obstacles) using easy-to-digest detailed strategies to become more self-confident and financially independent.

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