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Emotional intelligence is the link between the heart and the brain. Develop your team’s emotional intelligence to create positive team relationships as well as excellent customer service.




Everyone needs to care about emotional intelligence, because how we deal with emotions matters; it is a fundamental truth of being a human!

 Emotional intelligence, also called EQ in an abbreviation for 'Emotional Quotients' It is the ability to be aware of and to manage emotions and relationships.  A person's EQ is a measure of their interpersonal and communication skills. We define EI/IQ as the ability to recognise, understand and manage our own emotions as well as others. Emotional intelligence is not about controlling our thoughts to only keep positive emotions; emotional intelligence is about dealing with our emotions as well as others’. The first step to develop emotional intelligence competencies is to become more aware of our emotions as well as others’ in order to adjust our responses and reactions.

Develop your interpersonal skills and learn how emotions shape our behaviour and how we can use this to inspire high performance. This dynamic and highly interactive Develop Your Emotional Intelligence workshopis a perfect introduction to emotional intelligence and will be a perfect team-building occasion for any team. Participants will be invited to discover and develop key emotional intelligence competencies such as self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. 



Course Content


  • Introduction to emotional intelligence: terminologies, IQ/EQ the differences, and emotional intelligence benefits.

  • Develop your emotional intelligence vocabulary and learn to talk about your emotions and feelings.

  • Understand how emotional health and physical health are related.

  • Discover surprising facts about emotional intelligence: emotions and predictions, the autopilot mode, the emotion circuit’s myth and the power of your thoughts.

  • Learn how to recognise the different emotions and learn how to manage them: develop self-awareness and self-management of personal emotions. 

  • Develop self-awareness about your own emotions and control how it affects your actions in life: ask yourself the right questions to avoid emotional suffering.

  • Master techniques to understand, use, and appreciate the role of emotional intelligence in the workplace

  • Get familiar with the emotional intelligence framework and develop your emotional intelligence competencies

             1. Self-management (control, understand, manage)

             2. Self-awareness (self-confidence)

             3.Social awareness (empathy)

             4. Relationship management (communication, leadership, collaboration).

  • Understand the link between cohesion and performance and build cohesion within your team to improve communication and productivity.

  • Advance your leadership skills to motivate and inspire your talents by inviting confidence and trust in your workplace.

  • Focus on optimism and pessimism as well as positivism and negativism and their impact on your productivity and level of happiness at work.

  • Discover how emotions influence your decision-making and learn how to respond positively and confidently.

  • Concentrate on other people's emotions: recognise them and respond to those emotions in order to inspire high performance.

  • Develop your empathy for improved communications. 

  • Get introduced to the Johari Window Model - a technique that helps people better understand their relationship with themselves and others.

  • Learn to use emotional intelligence to reduce the confrontation, misunderstanding and miscommunication.

  • Practise emotional intelligence responses in challenging situations: real-life scenarios

  • Highlight your learning keys and structure your action plan.


Various resources: Debates, role-play, case studies, real-life scenarios, games, exercises, photos, videos… 



Designed For


This workshop will highly benefit team members and organisations from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who wish to develop their emotional intelligence at work to improve the organisational culture, the effectiveness & the overall motivation. This training workshop will be customised to address your organisation’s specific requirements, and will use an interactive approach designed to meet the learning styles of participants, regardless of their level or position within the organisation.





  • Motivation

  • Positive attitude

  • Smile



Varies from 2-hour to the full 2-day course

Tailored to suit your needs

Individual coaching or group workshop


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