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Professional Development and Soft Skills
Training Centre in Australia, APAC

You can select soft skills professional development learning solutions from the 100+ existing professional development training programs or we can create a tailored solution for your training project.

Click on a professional development training category below to discover the short soft skills courses available or contact us for personalised soft skills training programs for your organisation and teams.

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Client testimonial

“NBCUniversal had the pleasure of hosting Maud for a personality-type session with our team. Maud understood our needs and tailored the session, using the specific tool we requested. During the session, Maud took the time to connect with every individual to provide rich and valuable insights. The team also had a great time and we would definitely recommend Maud to any organisations looking for an impactful debrief.”

Chris Predic | NBCUniversal | HR Coordinator, ANZ

NBC universal is a soft skills client of New Reflections

Unlocking Human Potential:
New Reflections' Trio of Empowerment Expertise


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Tailored development coaching programs

Your Soft Skills Training Centre’s Philosophy

At New Reflections Soft Skills Training Centre, we are people experts, not industry experts. 

We have extensive experience working with organisations of all sizes and across multiple industries.

This knowledge allows us to design highly relevant and practical training programs that address the specific needs and challenges your employees face. 


We focus on 4 soft skills training pillars: Leadership and Management, Communication, People and Culture, and Professional Development.

We pride ourselves in delivering engaging and interactive workshops that provide hands-on tools and strategies immediately applicable.

We are well aware of how busy your employees are so we focus on short courses with flexible durations. From a one-off workshop to an ongoing program, from 90 minutes to a few days or months, we adapt to your talents’ busy schedules.

By investing in your employees' communication, leadership and soft skills, you are investing in the future of your organisation. Our Short Courses provide the valuable tools and knowledge your team needs to thrive in today's competitive business environment.

Contact New Reflections now to learn more about how our Soft Skills Training Courses can benefit your company and unlock your team's communication potential.

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Your Inclusive Soft Skills Training Courses in Australia & APAC

Soft skills for Career Success

In today's competitive world, technical expertise alone is not enough. Soft skills, often described as the “interpersonal and communication abilities that complement technical expertise” are the hidden gems of career success. We make a distinction here between the “know-how’s” and interpersonal skills.

Soft skills are the key to unlocking effective communication, collaboration, and leadership, all crucial for navigating the complexities of the modern business landscape.

Soft Skills Training Courses in Australia & APAC

At New Reflections, your trusted Soft Skills Training Centre in Australia and Asia Pacific, we recognise the universal significance of these invaluable skills. We proudly welcome professionals from diverse backgrounds and experience levels. 

Whether you are a seasoned executive, a front-line manager, or a recent graduate, our training workshops and coaching sessions are personalised, interactive, and give you the most effective tools to develop your skills and competencies. Thanks to the hands-on tools and practical models we share in class, you can then take significant actions in your professional environment.

We are located in Sydney, Australia, however we work with clients across the 5 continents. We deliver both online solutions in real-time as well as in-house workshops with our dedicated facilitators travelling to your teams across the globe.

>> Contact us to learn more about our solutions in your region.

Tailored Communication Short Courses

We believe learning should be engaging and enjoyable. That is why we have designed our workshops to be fun, interactive, and practical, incorporating real-life scenarios and hands-on activities that help participants to master soft skills and translate learning into tangible results.

Elevate your career, enhance your relationships, and thrive professionally with New Reflections, your soft skills training centre!


Invest in yourself and unlock your full potential for success!

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