The Art of Small Talk

Get ready to build new relationships

We use small talk all day long, not only with strangers. Mastering the art of small talk is a great way of making new connections as well as reinforcing existing ones. Our workshop will help your team in creating and maintaining strong relationships with prospects, clients, colleagues and providers.





Making small talk is not as easy as it sounds; it is not as challenging as it sounds either. Conversing with strangers can be awkward, stilted, even painful, but there is an art to it, and it can be mastered!

There is nothing small about small talk. You may think that making small talk is just a way to pass the time or avoid awkwardness but many great friendships and relationships have started with small talk! Small talk makes big conversations! Invite your team to discover everything that great conversationalists know!



Course Content


  • Understand why the ability to make small talk is so important and how it can make your life easier and better.

  • Learn how to approach others: initiating conversation with strangers.

  • Discover how to make yourself approachable.

  • Prepare topic points to develop.

  • Know how to make and keep the person comfortable.

  • Learn to Observe – Listen – Compliment – Question.

  • Discover how to find common ground.

  • Learn to follow up with questions or statements.

  • Get ready to keep building the conversation.

  • Learn how to make the best exit.


Various resources: experiences, practical application, use of pictures and videos, role-play games, picture reports, movie making, team games…



Designed For


This course will benefit team members and leaders from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who wish to be able to improve their networking ability and overpass their fear to approach strangers in any situation. The workshop will also be helpful for discussions with co-workers and day to day situations.





  • Motivation

  • Positive attitude

  • Smile



Varies from 2-hour to the full 1 day course

Tailored to suit your needs

Individual coaching or group workshop


Let us come to you

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