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How good are your communication skills when presenting? Do you understand the communication process? Do you know how to adapt your teaching style to your audience?



Teaching adults is very different from teaching children, the way you've learned in school won't be effective when working with adults. Effective train the trainer skills will not only create a more positive learning environment, but it will also increase productivity, students’ engagement, theoretical knowledge and skills retention. Excellent learning methods are the key to successful training sessions.

After completing our train the trainer workshop, participants will better understand adult learning principles as well as knowing how to apply them. Participants will be able to design interactive and playful learning sessions to encourage students’ engagement.

  • Understand and anticipate on the audience's needs and expectations.

  • Conduct engaging and dynamic training sessions with confidence.

  • Prepare your content in a well-structured format that includes various techniques.

  • Learn to deliver a memorable message.

  • Deal with all personality types, including challenging participants.

  • Develop your body language awareness.

  • ...

Learning Outcomes

Train the Trainer New Reflections Learni
  • Understand the fundamentals of adult learning and storytelling.

  • Learn to structure and deliver a program.

  • Discover how to maintain audience interest.

  • Master the art of questioning.

  • Develop your verbal and nonverbal communication skills.

  • Adapt yourself when teaching to a group and teaching to one person.

  • Grow VAK learning styles awareness.

  • Boost your visual presentations' proficiency.

  • Master the Q/R time.

  • ...

Course Content

Train the Trainer New Reflections Specia
  • Human centred approach

  • Intensive and advanced program

  • Short courses

  • Certificate of completion

  • Excellent powerful and complete handouts

  • Video practice


Additional Features

  • Audit & observation before and after the training

  • Follow-up coaching

  • Skype training for remote participants

Special Features

Video Testimonial:

Discover what students think of the training

Designed For


This workshop will benefit all trainers and facilitators from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels who wish to improve their teaching style by strengthening their skills.

Flexible duration options; from 2 hours to 5 days

Individual or small group training

In-house or public class


The program can be tailored


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