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Leadership Training Programs

New Reflections assists your leaders throughout their professional development journey

From emerging leaders to senior executive leaders, we have the right program for your talents. 

Select from the below programs and organise a one-off workshop or a 3, 6, or 12 months program.

Our leadership training workshops and individual coaching sessions are highly interactive and engaging.

Participants are invited to share their insights and contribute to the learning experience.

Each topic point is introduced through a game, a debate, an exercise, an activity, a role-playing game or a real-life scenario to reinforce the learning keys.

Select Your Leadership Training Program(s)

Click on the training program of your choice to learn more or contact us to discuss a tailored leadership and management training suite including 2 to 12 modules and chapters.

Contact our soft skills training centre New Reflections

Tailor Your Own Leadership Training Program

Contact us and one of our consultants will assist you in designing a tailored program proposal for your project.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

Feeling unsure about your training needs? Explore our comprehensive list of courses, neatly organised from A to Z.

From assertive communication to leadership development, we've got you covered. Discover the perfect program to elevate your skills and achieve your goals.

Start your journey today!

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Leadership training program

Leadership is more than a job

Leadership is more than a job title or a position. It is the art of influencing and inspiring the members of an organisation, a society or a team towards a common goal. It is more than just managing people and orchestrating tasks.


It is about inspiring, motivating, and guiding teams to achieve extraordinary results while fostering individual professional growth.

We need leaders with great soft skills

HR experts and top managers know how much they need leaders with great soft skills to thrive in their teams. Effective communication, emotional intelligence, and adaptability are some of the pillars of leadership.


At New Reflections, your trusted Soft Skills Training Centre, we also understand the critical role of strong leadership. Our team of passionate experts, specialising in soft skills development, has crafted a comprehensive leadership training program designed to elevate your leadership capabilities to new heights.

Investing in leadership development is an investment in your organisation's future. By equipping your leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge, you empower them to create a more engaged, productive, and resilient workforce.

Tailored leadership training program

We provide your leaders with the tools, techniques, and insights they need to lead with confidence and influence positive change within their teams and organisations. 


Elevate your leadership potential and unlock your team's full capacity.


>> Contact New Reflections today and discover how our comprehensive leadership training program can empower your leaders to lead with purpose and achieve remarkable results.

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