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Holding Hands

Tailored Daily Living & Social Skills
Development Training Programs

Towards well-being, self-esteem and independent living 

Explore our inclusive, interactive, and engaging soft skills workshops designed to support individuals with special needs. Our tailored social and soft skills training programs cater to diverse communities.

We have pioneered a unique approach to establish safe learning environments for all individuals, including students, youth, people with disabilities, indigenous communities, refugees, survivors of domestic violence, individuals experiencing homelessness, ex-offenders, and anyone seeking additional support in developing soft skills and social skills essential for independent living.

Social Skills & Life Skills Development Training Courses

If you can’t find the right one for you or your group, contact us to receive a tailored program proposal

Inclusive and Hands-on Soft Skills Training Workshops


Participants are introduced to powerful techniques to develop assertiveness and grow their self-confidence by developing self-compassion.

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Workplace Codes of Conduct

Participants get to understand the set of rules and standards set by organisations that instruct all employees on how to behave in the workplace.

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Bullying Prevention

Invite New Reflections for a comprehensive bullying prevention workshop to assist your students and develop a culture of respect.

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Personal Grooming

In this workshop, we equip participants with the keys to self-care and personal grooming for positive self-esteem.

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Daily Living Skills

This workshop eases the way towards autonomy and independent living with easy tools and techniques.

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Respect & Tolerance

Invite our professional trainers to open the dialogue and facilitate discussions to develop a culture of respect and self-respect in your organisation or school.

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Personal Presentation & Wellbeing

This training focuses on how to make the most of first impressions for positive personal and professional relationships.

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Soft Skills Training Programs for Students and Young Graduates

Building a Strong Personal Branding From School

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Employability Skills

Strengthen your game, develop greater soft skills and get ready for job interviews and the full recruitment process.

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Communication skills for every day life

This workshop equips participants with tools and models to build rapport and communicate more effectively.

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Health and Hygiene

Get New Reflections to organise the best Health and Hygiene workshop for your groups focusing on creating a safe environment.

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Our programs for professional carers, support workers and social workers:

Assisting Others

Learn new models and tools to assist individuals and groups with daily living social skills and life skills development.

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E.Q. for Carers

Develop your emotional intelligence competencies to greatly support individuals and groups without taking a heavy toll on your well-being.

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Train the Trainer

Learn how to create and facilitate social skills, life skills development and career support workshops for the groups you work with.

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Carers in a group discussion

Train-the-trainer Programs for Carers and Social Workers

Do you have the desire or mission to assist others with their social skills, life skills development and their employability skills? Do you need to address topics such as health, well-being, grooming, nutrition, employability skills, communication, self-confidence, soft skills and much more?

Our train-the-trainer programs for professional carers and social workers will equip you with the best tools and frameworks to create and facilitate fun and impactful social skills and life skills development workshops and group discussions.

Social Skills & Employability Skills Typical Workshop Process

New Reflections’ Social Skills, Life Skills Development & Career Support Training Programs have been created in partnership with dedicated organisations and professionals.

We adopt a unique and fun methodology to facilitate discussions across topics that are sometimes tricky to dig into: personal grooming and hygiene, self-confidence, respect and tolerance, etc. Our facilitators are highly experienced, trained, and work with empathy from their heart.


life skills training and coaching wirh new reflections

Social Skills Development and Employability Skills Educational Goals

By the end of the workshops, participants will be able to:

  • Develop self-awareness and mindfulness practices to promote mental well-being and self-care.

  • Equip participants with job readiness skills for successful employment and career advancement.

  • Develop communication skills for effective interpersonal interactions in various life situations.

  • Foster resilience and coping mechanisms to navigate challenges and setbacks with confidence.

  • Build problem-solving abilities to address daily obstacles and achieve personal goals.

  • Grow emotional intelligence to understand and manage emotions in oneself and others.

  • Strengthen decision-making skills to make thoughtful and strategic choices in diverse contexts.

  • Develop adaptability and flexibility to navigate changing circumstances and environments.

Social Skills & Life Skills Development for Everyone

Our Social Skills, Life Skills Development and Daily Living Training Courses can be designed for everyone. Our highly trained and experienced team of facilitators understands the reality of all learners and the need to adapt the learning styles to all participants. Some communities we work with are listed below (non-exhaustive list):

  • People with Disabilities

  • Aboriginal People

  • Refugees & Asylum Seekers

  • Domestic Violence Victims

  • Homeless People

  • ex-Offenders

  • Children and Teenagers

  • ...


>> Learn more about our commitment to all communities

New Reflections Training & Coaching Centre supports all communities by designing social skills, life skills development and career support workshops assisting confidence building and supporting mental health.


No matter who needs our training courses, we adapt and tailor our approach to all adult and younger learners. We develop unique and inspiring educational methods to support all participants.

I feel more confident and ready to apply for a job!

Role-playing helped me to talk with more confidence.

I feel more comfortable accompanying people with disabilities thanks to New Reflections' tools.

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Tailor Your Own Life Skills Training Program

Contact us and one of our consultants will assist you in designing a tailored program proposal for your project.

Can't Find What You're Looking For?

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Do you think that all the above programs could assist your group?

Contact us to create a tailored program or to discuss our train-the-trainer options for you and your team of support workers.

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