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life skills training programs

Tailored Life Skills Training Programs

Since 2008 in France and 2014 in Australia & New Zealand, New Reflections designs and facilitates tailored workshops to assist people with their personal and professional development.

We developed a unique approach to create safe learning environments for all students including children, youth, people with disabilities, indigenous people, refugees, domestic and family violence victims, homeless people, ex-offenders...

List of available Life Skills Training Courses

Assisting others with daily living

Develop your soft skills to better assist others' personal and professional development.

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Emotional Intelligence and Empathy Training for Carers

Develop your emotional intelligence competencies workshop for Carers and Social Workers.

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Communication skills for every day life

How to effectively communicate to create strong relationship.

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Respect & Tolerance Training Workshop

An invitation to open the dialogue about respect and self-respect.

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Bullying Prevention

Bullying prevention, compassion and emotional intelligence for children and teenagers.

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Employability Skills Training

Getting a job is important; maintaining and excelling in employment is crucial.

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Personal Grooming and Health Workshop

Importance of hygiene to get a more autonomous life.

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Self-esteem and Confidence Workshop

Develop your assertiveness and self-esteem in order to thrive in your personal and professional life. 

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Daily Living Skills Training

Develop daily living and essential life skills.

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Health and Hygiene in the Workplace Training Workshop

Follow workplace hygiene procedures.

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Personal Presentation & Wellbeing Workshop

The importance of the first impression.

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Workplace Codes of Conduct Training

Understand the rules and expectations of a workplace.

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Carer helping a disabled man

Train-the-trainer Programs for Carers and Social Workers

Do you have the desire to assist others with their life skills development and their career? Are you unsure how to structure your actions? 

This train-the-trainer program for carers and social workers will equip participants with the essential skills needed by trainers and facilitators to teach adults as well as unique tools to develop life skills and daily living skills training workshops.​

Life Skills Typical Workshop Process

Life Skills Development & Career Support Training Programs created in partnership with dedicated organisations. Icebreakers and games to introduce the participants, the workshop, and the trainer. Participants can be invited (optional) to share their feedback and thoughts about the program.


life skills training and coaching wirh new reflections

Life Skills Educational Goals

  • Understanding the impact of first impressions

  • Gaining awareness about verbal and non-verbal communication signals - both sent & received

  • Working on personal presentation

  • Developing stronger communication skills to improve relationships

  • Learning more about professional codes of conduct

  • Enhancing self-confidence & self-esteem

  • Developing employability skills

  • Getting ready for job interviews

  • Reviewing the basics of personal grooming and hygiene in the workplace

  • Developing daily living and life skills

  • Understanding the risks related to carelessness

  • Enjoying taking care of oneself


At the end of the training, each participant will receive a booklet that goes back over all advice given throughout the training with illustrations for each step.

Life Skills Courses are designed for people with specific needs

I feel more confident and ready to apply for a job!

Role-playing helped me to talk with more confidence.

I feel more comfortable accompanying people with disabilities thanks to New Reflections' tools.

New Reflections experts support all communities

New Reflections Training & Coaching Centre supports all communities by designing life skills development and career support workshops.

No matter who the audience is, we adapt and tailor our approach to all adult learners. We develop unique and inspiring educational methods to support every participant.

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