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Assisting Others with Daily Living & Life Skills Development

Develop your skills to empower others

This training workshop is for Professional Carers and Social Workers offering group and individual support.

Woman assisting others in a group discussion

Training Course Overview

Are you assisting others with social skills, life skills development and career support? Then, this workshop will equip you with new frameworks, tools and strategies to create and facilitate fun individual and group discussions and sessions. Learn how to establish a safe space to help the people you support feel heard, understood and respected. In this program, you will develop excellent communication skills and additional soft skills to find fun and easy ways to assist others with daily living and life skills development.

A “Train the Trainer program” exists for those looking at conducting group discussions and workshops.

Assisting Others with Life Skills Course Content

  • Discover easy and fun ways to assist people and teach them essential skills to deal with grooming, hygiene, meal preparation, and household duties…in a highly respectful and caring environment. Guided assessment process

  • Learn powerful communication, coaching & training skills to develop daily living skills in others, increasing their capacity to be as independent as possible.

  • Receive information and guidance about the management of challenging behaviours, personal care and mealtime support.

  • Be introduced to new ways to provide support to get out into the community, gain employment and maintain close relationships with family and friends.

  • Find new opportunities and motivations to adopt a person-centred approach at all times to deliver flexible and individualised support.

  • Get ready to address and deal with challenging situations and people through real-life scenarios and case studies.

  • Encourage the people you support to be actively involved in developing their lifestyle plans and to maintain a leading role in decision-making regarding the type of personal care and daily living activities they choose.

  • Develop your action plan to take your skills to the next level of excellence: start, stop, change and continue plan.

Various resources: experiences, practical application, use of pictures and videos, role-play games, picture reports, team games… Playful exercises, games and debates.

Note: This training agenda is provided as an example and a guide. All programs are tailored to your needs and expectations and will be developed from your initial brief.

Practical Information for this Training Session

Our workshops feature a blend of experiential learning techniques, including role-play games, interactive simulations, and case studies. Through these engaging activities, you will develop practical skills to apply directly in your caregiving role.

  • Duration: Extends from 90 minutes to full 3-day sessions

  • Public: Professional Carers & Social Workers

  • Course format: Group Workshops or Individual Training Programs

  • Organisation: In-person or Online

Learn how to deliver fun and engaging Social Skills, Life Skills and Career Support Workshops!


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