In-House Vocational Training


What is In-house or On-site training?


Have the course targeted or tailored specifically to your organisation’s learning needs.


At New Reflections we use ‘in-house training’ to refer to classroom training that is delivered as a dedicated course for a particular organisation. All of our training modules can be delivered in-house.


The course will be relevant, practical and delivered in an engaging way.


What are the benefits of 'in-house' training workshops?


  • Tailored: Content is developed depending on the needs and experience of the participants.

  • Convenient: Training dates, times and locations fit with the time frames and locations of the team.

  • Flexible: Duration varies from one-off 2-hour sessions to multiple day courses.

  • Team building: Your team will work together and will ultimately engage with each other.

  • Cost savings: The cost per person is less in comparison to public classes. You also save on travelling and accommodation fees.

While this training is often delivered ‘in-house’ at your premises, it does not necessarily have to b the case. We sometimes find that it is better when the training is delivered at a different venue outside of the organisation.

Where do we travel to?


We deliver our in-house training all over in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. There may be additional travel and accommodation costs associated with the training instructor travelling to your location. Contact us for more information or a quote.