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In person training workshop with New Reflections in Australia

Soft Skills In-Person Workshops

In-house, On-site, In-person Training Workshops

Professional Development Training Courses Organised Directly at your Office

In-house, On-site, In-person Training Workshops

What is a soft skills in-person training workshop?

You can call it in-house, in-person, or on-site training. 

At New Reflections we use ‘in-house training’ to refer to our soft skills training courses organised directly at your office or in a dedicated venue. Do not let the “classroom style” training mislead you, all our solutions are highly interactive, engaging, and fun! 

Our on-site professional development programs are tailored to match your expectations and the participants’ needs. Contact us today to organise your next onsite training.

On-site training courses are available in Australia and APAC. For other locations, please contact us.

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What are the benefits of 'in-house' training workshops?

  • Tailored: The content is developed to meet your needs and provide the best learning experience to the participants.

  • Convenient: The training dates, times, and locations are organised around the time constraints and locations of your teams.

  • Flexible: The short courses’ duration varies from a one-off 90-minute session to the full 5-day training program for specific contents (leadership training suite, presentation skills, and public speaking…)

  • Cost-effective: Our onsite short soft skills training courses are the most cost-effective solution for professional development workshops.

  • Constant quality: As our consultants travel across Australia, APAC, and all around the globe to deliver our soft skills programs, you are guaranteed the same quality of professional development and leadership training programs for all your talents across different markets and regions.

  • Team building: Your team will work together and will ultimately engage in positive and strong relationships to assist teamwork across departments.

In-person workshop organisation

Select your topic(s) and tell us more about your needs.

Receive and review a custom-made workshop program.

Choose a date and invite New Reflections' facilitator at your office.

Experience an enjoyable and interactive workshop.

Practical Information to organise workshops in your workplace

Rather than freezing your activity for days and days, we organise shorter sessions a few times a year. From experience, participants tend to disengage when the learning workshops last for too long, even if it takes place in their office. No matter how interesting the topic is, after a certain time, participants can only think of everything they are missing from work and their evolving to-do list.


We can design a one-off workshop on a specific topic in your office, or agree on a 1, 3, 6, and 12 months program plan. Each workshop can be as short as 90 min and as long as 5 days.

This organisation is perfect for professional development programs as we don't master soft skills overnight and need time to implement changes and evolve.

Onsite training courses in Australia and APAC

Where do we travel for the in-person workshops?

We deliver our in-person professional development training courses all over Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. While we are more often called in APAC, we also deliver our soft skills training programs worldwide including in the US, Europe or different regions. Additional travelling and accommodation fees may be associated with our consultants travelling to your location. Contact us for more information or a tailored quote.

On-site or in a public place close to your office

While this training is often delivered ‘in-house’ at your premises, it does not necessarily have to be the case. We sometimes find that it is better when the training is delivered at a different venue outside of your organisation; including outdoors during the warmer months. Our clients enjoy the workplace culture, and teambuilding workshops organised at the local park! We can also find the best training room to hire close to your office.

Soft Skills Public Training Workshops

At New Reflections, we understand that all learners and organisations are unique. For that reason, we do not offer public courses. 

If you are looking at our solutions for 1 participant or a small group, we can cater to your project.

  • For one participant you will want to study our individual coaching and training programs. The individual programs are organised across a few short sessions or intensively with half-day sessions going up to 5 days of training for certain programs (leadership, train the trainer, public speaking…)

  • For a small group, we will apply a special discount to reduce the costs.

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