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About New Reflections training centre

We are a soft skills training centre offering excellent professional development learning solutions. We are specialised in communication skills, leadership and excel in customer service and train the trainer programs.

Leadership, excellence, empowerment, continuous improvement, integrity, respect for individuals, access and equity are some of our core values.

Who are we?

We are committed to helping your business succeed by maximising the effectiveness of human capital. We believe that happiness at work is a serious business. Studies reveal that happy team members will help your business succeed: lower staff turnover, stronger teamwork & better achievements as well as a higher level of commitment & loyalty.

Internally, we are a small family-run company working with the best external consultants in the Australian market. Our small size enables us to offer you flexibility, reactivity and best-customised services.


We have a solid 15 years' experience in creating and designing proven, successful, soft skills training courses. We have been accompanying thousands of people since 2008. We are a recognised and respected international authority in the corporate training industry.


A human-centered vision of business

We are people experts, not industry experts.


Our experience is bringing us industry expertise, however, our passion lies in people development.

What we do well is developing your talents’ soft skills, and for that, we have just the right amount of passion, knowledge, skills and experience.


Our main difference is in the fact that we tailor every class for every single client.


We don’t have ‘ready to go’ programs that we will just rearrange from one session to another. At New Reflections, we listen to your needs and do heavy research to always develop the most accurate program to your talents.

We don’t specialise in a particular program because we’ve been studying personal and professional development matters for over 15 years. All the case studies and real-life scenarios organised in our classes are coming from your challenges, issues, needs and expectations.

Our programs are tailored to your objectives and we are committed to create positive team cultures. We cater to the learning needs of modern organisations, no matter their size or complexity.


This is how we can offer 30+ topics for your learning needs.

Why choose our expertise?

New Reflections, your success partner.

New Reflections' facilitators coach and train with an accelerated, generative, and experiential learning methodology, with a human-centred approach. They use, among other techniques, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), enneagram and emotional intelligence to create unique professional development learning solutions. Our experts are passionate about creating a flexible mindset through an agile framework of learning and delivering playful training methodologies.

Here's why you should choose New Reflections

  • Personalised training: We tailor ALL our workshops and coaching sessions to your needs and goals, ensuring you receive the most relevant and impactful training. We do not have “off-the-shelf” training solutions.

  • Interactive and engaging: Our fun and interactive learning environment fosters active participation and deeper understanding, maximising the participants’ learning experience.

  • Expert instructors: Our team of experienced and qualified trainers bring real-world expertise and practical insights to the classroom, ensuring you acquire valuable skills you can immediately apply to your career.

  • Proven results: Our proven training methodologies and track record of success have empowered countless individuals to elevate their soft skills and achieve their professional aspirations.

  • Ongoing support: We offer ongoing resources and support to help you stay motivated and continue developing your soft skills long after the training program ends.


Take the first step towards transforming your professional life. Contact New Reflections today, and discover how our soft skills training can help you unlock your full potential for success!

Our professional training programs are development-oriented:

We assist your leadership teams in their professional development journey. Translate vision into reality.

Discover the most advanced communication training programs offered by New Reflections.

Create stronger bonds across departments.

Get the most from your first impressions.

Build instant rapport with prospects and clients.

Develop your soft skills to better assist others' development.

Tailored training workshops

Our clients are usually contacting us with a specific challenge to address. As we work with various audiences across several industries, our clients’ needs are always different. Tell us more about your needs, challenges and expectations.

New Reflections learning solutions

Individual coaching and group workshops from 45 minutes to 18 months programs.

We are committed to gaining a reputation of excellence in delivering quality learning solutions enabling all stakeholders to reach and achieve their goals. Our mission is to deliver unique training solutions that meet industry and employer skills requirements, enrich learning and optimise individual, group and organisational performance.


We are based in Sydney. However, New Reflections’ learning solutions are available worldwide, online or inHouse.

Who do we work for?

Wellbeing is for everyone

Wellbeing is for everyone, this is why we are working with all kind of companies and organisations and always adapt our approach to different audiences. We work with companies across various industries: hospitality, retail, IT, engineering, real estate, financial services, education, marketing & advertising, sports, health…

Amazing, I was very interested the whole time!

Would recommend this course 100%!

The speaker was good, I would definitely recommend her

Read case studies

Case studies help you discover how we work: from our clients' needs to the solutions and results. We tailor our training programs

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