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Personal Presentation & Wellbeing Workshop

Personal Presentation & Wellbeing Life Skills Workshop

Man taking care of his personal presentation

Personal Presentation Course overview

A picture says a thousand words. Making the 1st impression is so important as we usually come to a decision about someone in the first 10 seconds of meeting him or her. Some negative situations can lead to self-rejection and poor personal presentation.

In this personal presentation and wellbeing training workshop, participants will learn how to get the most from their first impression. They will learn essential keys to improve their appearance and dress for their body shapes while adapting to the circumstances. This training will assist any community or people with special needs.

Personal presentation and wellbeing course content

  • Understand the importance of personal presentation and first impression.

  • Discover the link between personal presentation, well-being and self-esteem.

  • Share with the group what you already do to take good care of yourself.

  • List the personal hygiene essentials.

  • Enjoy styling advice: define your personal style and understand how to dress for your body shapes.

  • Benefit from unique advice for your colours and accessories.

  • Discover the fashion styling do's and don'ts.

  • Learn the minimum wardrobe content and receive tips to organise it well.

  • Understand how to create a great shopping list for your next shopping trip.

  • Make-up and hairdressing for women, shaving tips for men.

  • Enjoy a beauty salon-style face care.

  • Personal appearance and hygiene to boost confidence in social situations.

  • Set realistic goals for yourself and avoid comparisons.

  • Create your personal contract to monitor your daily habits' evolution.

Various resources: experiences, practical application, use of pictures and videos, role-play games, picture reports, team games… Playful exercises, games and debates.

Note: All solutions can be offered online. We organise individual coaching, group workshops and webinars through a performant online platform.

Practical Information for this Training Session

At New Reflections, our training sessions are as diverse as your organisation's needs. Ranging from dynamic 90-minute sessions to comprehensive multi-day workshops, each session is thoughtfully crafted to suit your unique requirements. Whether you prefer individual coaching sessions for personalised development or immersive team-building workshops for collective growth, we've got you covered. Plus, with the flexibility of online or in-house options, you can choose the setting that best fits your team's schedule and preferences.

  • Duration from 90-min to full 3-day sessions

  • Individual coaching or group workshops available

  • Flexible options for online or in-house delivery


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