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Individual coaching sessions can be organised online in real time or face to face in Sydney

What is individual coaching?


Individual coaching is a personalised one on one experience, where a trained coach will help you develop and enhance your performance, success and wellbeing.


New Reflections is aware of the changing business landscape, where individuals need to continually update their skills and achieve results in an increasingly competitive labour environment.


Individual coaching is suitable for anyone, from executives, managers and work staff, who want to improve and achieve in their development and gain greater job performance, satisfaction and professional development.


We have developed 20 different topics for your personal coaching experience with a focus on personal branding, communication, leadership, self-confidence and personal growth.


We provide you with punctual actions as well as 6 and 12-month individual development program to follow on your professional development path.



What are the benefits of individual coaching?


  • Tailored solutions

  • Faster results

  • Greater clarity and focus

  • Increased self-confidence and competence

  • Increased commitment and motivation

  • Improved leadership ability

  • Improved communication skills

  • Enhanced success

professional development & leadership co

KATYA D. - Enrolled in a tailored personal and professional devlopment coaching program


"When I made the decision to step away from my existing professional journey to start my own business, I became increasingly aware of the ways in which it would be beneficial to not only improve my communication skills, but also to develop my emotional intelligence. It was at this point that Maud and I began working together. Over this time, our journey has not only been professional, but also very spiritual. To me, communication is not simply one’s ability to speak in front of large audiences or to convey a key meaning with persuasion or leadership. Instead, communication is more about the stories that we share and create in our own mind. Communication lies within our ability to confront our insecurities head on, and to be bold enough to approach those first steps towards awareness, change and development. Communication is about being relentlessly honest with ourselves in terms of our weaknesses, whilst also being clear and confident about the direction in which we are headed to overcome them. It is very rare that we actually stop to ask ourselves: “Is this where I want to be in life? Am I the best version of myself at this place in time? Ultimately, where do I want to be and what will help me to get there?” Working with Maud has provided me with the opportunity to enhance and extend my self-awareness, self-discovery and self-development. Speaking professionally, this process has helped me to develop my core strengths as an independent consultant, and has also extended my understanding towards value proposition and the delicate art of building my own brand and business. Additionally, I have grown confident in my ability to navigate the complex world of C-level stakeholder relationships and management. As a young professional who works within a challenging industry, I have appreciated every conversation that I have ever had with Maud. I appreciate every piece of advice and wisdom that she has passed onto me and will always consider our relationship to be integral towards both my professional and personal development. Maud upholds an invaluable skill to ask the right questions at the right times. By doing so, she has helped me to view the same situation from an entirely different perspective. I cannot thank Maud enough for the time and energy she was put towards our working relationship and would highly recommend her expertise to anyone who is seeking that push towards bigger and better things."

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