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Advanced Communication Skills Training Workshop


Develop your team's ability to communicate and effectively collaborate with others, avoiding conflict and disharmony.




There's more to communication than the words we say, there are many other factors such as body language and our tone of voice that are equally essential to how we communicate. We always focus on the words we use, "What will I say?", when we should really be focusing on "How will I say it?"

Find out how to communicate clearly and how to have a better understanding of others in this powerful workshop inspired by NLP. NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a set of skills based on communication and self-development. From the communication process to the impact of your personal presentation; you will strengthen your skills and knowledge in this fun and interactive communication workshop.





  • Discover the fundamentals of advanced communication.

  • Assess your communication skills: gain awareness of your communication. strengths, weaknesses and blind spots.

  • Become familiar with the communication process.

  • Better understand miscommunication and misunderstandings and how to reduce them.

  • Learn to make a great first impression.

  • Discover the image impact & role of body language and personal presentation

  • Strengthen your elevator pitch.

  • Stay away from common communication mistakes.

  • Learn to build rapport and trust.

  • Develop your listening skills through empathy and feedback.

  • Focus on face to face communication.

  • Improve your telephone communication skills.

  • Work on professional email etiquette.

  • Communicate with confidence to increase your impact.



Various resources: experiences, practical application, use of pictures and videos, role-play games, picture reports, tailored case studies, movie-making, team games…





This course will benefit all team members and leaders from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who wish to improve their professionalism and relationships at work by attaining a higher level of communication skills. 





  • Motivation

  • Positive attitude

  • Smile

Note: Due to the current situation, all solutions are currently offered online. We organise individual coaching, group workshops and webinars through an online platform. Linking the right technology with our great creativity allows us to design highly interactive and engaging online training solutions.

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