Lunch & Learn Training Programs

Lunch & Learn | Latte & Learn
To eat, learn & grow professionally


90 minutes


 Up to many participants

In-House or Online

What is a Latte & Learn or a Lunch & Learn?


A Latte & Learn or a Lunch & Learn is a short training workshop for your team that is organised:


  • In the early morning: Latte and Learn

  • At lunchtime: Lunch and Learn


New Reflections is well aware of the challenge of finding time for the  soft skills training.


This is why we developed 30+ topics for our Latte and Learn and Lunch and Learn solutions.


We provide you with punctual actions as well as 6 and 12-month programs to follow your team on their personal and professional development journey.



What are the benefits of a Eat & Learn session?


Some of a Lunch and Learn and Latte and Learn benefits are:

  • Develop your team’s soft skills

  • Enjoy a team building activity

  • Create stronger bonds between team members

  • Inter-department exchanges

  • Improve internal communication skills

  • Boost results

  • Boost your team’s engagement

  • Develop a more effective customer service thanks to your team’s new skills

  • Increase the level of happiness of your team members

  • Encourage professional development learning solutions

Practical information


Click on a topic to access the full program


Management & Leadership Lunch and Learn


       Adapt your management style to people and situations

       Develop great organisational skills to better manage your time

       Understand and accept different personality types

       15 unique modules to develop your management team's soft skills.



Communication Skills Lunch & Learn


       The essential soft skills needed for successful sales professionals

       Develop your assertiveness to reduce your stress

       Learn to build a strong professional reputation

       Learn adulte learning principles



People and Culture Lunch & Learn


       Support a diverse workplace and leverage the effects of diversity

       Discover easy actions and initiatives to achieve greater happiness at work

       Jointly define and embrace your memorable and magnetic workplace culture

       Successfully relate and work with people from different backgrounds

       Set a professional tone with co-workers, clients and customers

       Win and retain customers - internal and/or internal customer service



Personal and Professional Development Lunch & Learn


       Discover the amazing tools from Neuro Linguistic Programming

       Structure a clear vision towards clear results

       Your core values as a powerful decision-making tool

       Get rid of your assumptions and unconscious bias to reach your full potential

       Find out the best colours to wear and how to mix & match them

       Get the best from your first impressions

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