Are you ready to book your Latte & Learn or Lunch & Learn session(s)?
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Are you ready to book your Latte & Learn or Lunch & Learn session(s)?

Have you heard about Latte and Learn and Lunch and Learn workshops? Are you ready to try it in your company?

Enjoy a fantastic team building opportunity while learning amazing skills to boost your personal and professional growth!

Benefits of a Lunch and Learn workshop

Does your team need to develop new skills in order to meet the demands of a changing business landscape? Do you struggle to organise the time available for full day workshops?

How about trying a new and exciting format that is quick, time efficient and highly interactive. Not only it will allow for the opportunity to develop lines of communication between different departments; it will also develop new networks and relationships between teams. Best of all, you can do this over a breakfast or a lunch.

The Latte and Learn and the Lunch and Learn programs provide a fun and exciting environment for team members to get together and develop their skills over lunch, breakfast or a coffee. The program covers topics in communication skills, development, personal and professional development, management, leadership, team building and organisational culture.

  • Save time

Traditional training workshops can take a significant time to organise and implement. They can range from half a day to a few days. It can be difficult to organise the time available for such development opportunities as it can be troublesome to get everyone there for a workshop, organising around individual’s availability and setting a time that meets everyone’s schedule.

With a Latte or Lunch and Learn workshop, the development program can run in a time that will not disrupt your schedule. Under these terms, everyone will be available and free to learn and develop. The program can be broken up into ‘chunks’ and spread out across multiple lunches, providing easier allocation of time, and facilitates less disruptions in the rearrangement of one’s work, and also provides a less formal platform that aids team interaction and development.

  • Focus on specific issue

New Reflections understand the learning process, thus, the programs are organised around how we process, retain and enact on information. The brain can only process a certain amount of information at a time. With too much information presented at once, it’s hard to retain it, and a lot of this information is forgotten seconds later. With that important knowledge and skills are forgotten, hindering the development of individuals and your team.

The Lunch and Learn and The Latte and Learn workshops are designed to overcome this trouble.

The programs are developed as bite sized workshop that focus on specific issues, skills and topics, with an emphasis on the way to master these skills. Latte and Learn and Lunch and Learn programs typically run for 1.5 hour. Breaking up the workshop into bite sized ‘chunks’ of 1.5 hour lunch every week for example, allowing individuals not to feel bombarded with knowledge and information, giving them time to process, develop and work on their development of skills, both during and in between workshops. This produces greater results on the long run, producing greater outcomes for your team and organisation, as the participants are more readily able to develop stronger skill sets. Given a certain amount of time and patience, these skills will be retained by participants and enacted within the organisation.

  • Small groups

New Reflections understand how the environment we learn in affects our learning. The Latte/Lunch and Learn programs is designed for a small group, ranging from 15-20, creating an intimate and close knit experience. This encourages greater interaction and communication between participants. A key driving principle behind the Latte/Lunch and Learn program is that the more participants that are willing to interact, the greater the results. Thus the program is designed around a smaller environment as this makes individuals feel more secure and safe. With these feelings, participants are more likely to be significantly more involved in the development experience and facilitate greater interaction with their fellow team members. This enhances team environment and culture as the training develops.

  • Tailored for you

The Latte and Learn and the Lunch and Learn programs are designed to be modifiable and malleable. We, at New Reflections, understand that we all have different times when we are most productive at working. Some of us are morning people and get the best work done first thing in the day. Others are more like night owls and do better later in the day. The Latte/Lunch and Learn programs can be modified to suit the strengths of the individuals and the team. We could even consider running Appetizer and Learn workshops after work hours if that best suits your organisation and team!

Latte and Learn is designed to be completed in the morning, when individuals have just got into their daily routine, catching them at their most eager and alert time. The Lunch and Learn program is designed for the middle of the day, where individuals are seeking interaction. Within a lunch environment, individuals feel more relaxed, happier and comfortable when interacting with fellow team members. The program is designed to catch these feelings and use them to help facilitate team members on their learning skills and development. Side note, having lunch will increase the number of people willing to be there, suddenly seeing an increase in their availability and seeing them finding it easier to rearrange their schedules. Getting people there willingly is half the battle.

Seeking fun and interactive workshops to help develop the team? Seeking a workshop that participants want to complete? Want a workshop that provides an environment for team interaction, communication and bonding? Then the exciting and fresh Latte and Learn and the Lunch and Learn programs may be just for you.

See New Reflections website for greater details regarding the Lunch and Learn and Latte and Learn Programs.

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