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Develop your employability skills | Career Coaching

7 steps interview preparation process - New Reflections

Are you looking for a job? A new job? A new career?

Reinvent your career to reinvent your life!

Sounds easy right?! But in facts, it is usually more challenging than we think.

Changing career can be:

  • Exciting, motivating, interesting

  • Something you look forward to

  • The occasion to implement positive changes in your life

Changing career can also:

  • Be a cause of stress

  • Lead to self-confidence drop

  • Bring doubts

  • Create financial issues

When we face a challenging situation we have different choices and reactions:

  1. Avoiding the situation as long as possible

  2. Dealing with the situation

When we avoid the situation, we can expect unwanted reactions such as:

  • Procrastination

  • Loosing sleep

  • Loosing appetite

  • Unhealthy new habits

  • Irritability

  • Relationships troubles

  • Health issues

So it looks like we better deal with the situation as soon as possible.

7 steps to develop your employability skills

Step 1: set up your goals

You need to know where you want prior any decision or action

Step 2: work on your communication skills

You might be brilliant with all the necessary diplomas for a role, if you don't adopt effective communication skills you will see your chances significantly decrease.

Step 3: be aware of body language

Both yours and the recruiter's body language are essential parts of you conversation. You can't only focus on "what to say", you have to focus on "how to say it".

Step 4: work on your personal presentation and first impression

What to wear for your job interview? Is the suit mandatory? How casual can you be depending on the organisation? How to make a great first impression?

Step 5: increase your self-confidence

Of course you don't want to be arrogant during the interview but you don't want to exhibit a lack of self-confidence neither. If you don't trust yourself, how could the recruiter trust you?

Step 6: manage your stress

It is ok to feel a bit nervous prior an interview, it shows interest and implication. However, after the first minutes a big amount of visible stress can be an issue for your future employer. He might think that if you can't deal with your stress now, you will not be able to manage your stress with a client...

Step 7: A to Z interview process preparation

This step is essential for your success so why did I put this one last? Because you usually go through it naturally when you might forget everything about the first six steps.

Get ready for the job interview

  • Learning more about the company (history, products, services, leaders, culture, values, clients...)

  • Learn everything you can about the role

  • Practice your presentation/introduction

  • Practice your answers to typical interview questions

  • Focus on the questions you would like to avoid

  • Prepare relevant questions to ask during the interview

There is no need to feel anxious if you are well prepared. Preparation is the key to your success!

No matter if it's your first job or the 10th one, if you feel like you need guidance, our back to biz program is made to meet your needs.

New Reflections 7 steps interview preparation process

  1. Define your (new) professional project

  2. Develop effective communication skills

  3. Be aware of body language

  4. Work on your personal presentation & 1st impression

  5. Increase your self-confidence

  6. Discover stress management technics

  7. Get ready for the full job interview process

Maud Vanhoutte


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