New Team-building Activity: Soft Skills Amazing Race

A unique and original idea for your company's events & parties: Christmas Party, Anniversary, End of Quarter, EOFY...

Book the first Australian Soft Skills Amazing Race to engage your team in a fun and educational team-building activity. New Reflection’s amazing race is not an ordinary team-building activity; this corporate activity focuses on your talents’ professional development. It’s more than an amazing race and way more enjoyable than a classroom-training workshop; this is the best way to get out of the office and learn new skills while having fun.

Fun and learning go hand in hand for your Corporate Party


Our soft skills amazing race is suitable for everyone; participants don't need to be fit or ready for a marathon! Our amazing race is about having a wonderful experience that you get to share with your colleagues. It suits all team types. It gets you outdoors and is just competitive enough to make the result interesting. The activities range from a tug of war to a treasure hunt. We've subtly introduced concepts such as communication challenges, personality types activities, and team spirit games to make the event a great learning experience for all participants. All in all, this soft skill amazing race is about enjoying yourself and reinforcing bonds as well as learning more about the essential soft skills for excellent team performance. Here at New Reflections, it's all about improving organisational success through connecting people to raise the level of happiness at work.

The event at a glance

  • 30+ activities to select from

  • Moderate physicality

  • Outdoor

  • Monday to Sunday

  • Sydney & surrounds*

  • 16 to 80 participants**

  • ½ day or full day

  • Highly flexible

  • Tailored approach

  • Unique experience

  • Dynamic and passionate organisers

* For any other location, contact our friendly team and we will discuss the option to come to you.

** Would you like to enrol more than 80 participants? Contact us to discuss the options.


What we provide

  • All checkpoint materials

  • Team folders with all maps, clues, and tasks

  • Bottled water for participants

  • Public liability


  • Typical activities

    • Decipher the code​

    • Scavenger hunts

    • Puzzles and enigmas

    • Minefield

    • Tug of war

    • And much more!

The Organisation Step by Step

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Set the date and location


Address any further need


Invite your team


Enjoy a unique experience