Advanced Body Language Training Workshop

Impact of non-verbal communication

Varies from 2-hour to the full 2-day course

Tailored to suit your needs

Individual coaching or group workshop


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Invite your team to develop body language awareness to understand its impact on your business.





Did you know that 93% of interpersonal communication is non-verbal? Your voice, attitude, gestures, postures and facial expressions are speaking louder than any words you could say. We invite you and your co-workers to explore visual communication and its impact on your daily interactions.

New Reflections' unique workshop "advanced body language, non-verbal communication training" will give participants the essential tools and knowledge to communicate more effectively with internal and external stakeholders. After this training, participants will be able to better recognise the body language of others, while also helping them become more aware of what their own body is communicating.



Course Content


  • Introduction to body language and non-verbal communication.

  • Get familiar with body language assumptions and myths: no ‘decoding’ chapter.

  • Assess your body language and receive feedback on your presentation skills: video practice to better understand the signals you're sending to others.

  • Learn keys to use body language skills to communicate more effectively including matching words with movement to instil trust.

  • List and retain the body language gestures, signals and cues to observe.

  • Understand the link between non-verbal communication and first impression.

  • Gain awareness of your personal image's impact as a part of your body language and first impressions: corporate styling.

  • Focus on facial expressions and emotions display to win awareness of your own visual communication as well as others’.

  • Work on your voice to boost your impact: intonation, rhythm, and tone.

  • Develop more effective listening skills as part of your non-verbal communication.

  • Discover the link between body language and self-confidence and get ready to be more assertive when pitching.

  • Practice the art of sending and receiving non-verbal signals more effectively.

  • Stay away from common communication mistakes.

  • Win awareness of the gender and cultural differences associated with visual communication.

  • Focus on interpersonal distances in professional situations.


Various resources:  practical application, use of pictures and videos, role-play games, picture reports, movie making, team games…



Designed For


This course will benefit team members and leaders from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who wish to improve their communication skills and reach a new level of professionalism and effectiveness at work thanks to strong non-verbal communication skills.





  • Motivation

  • Positive attitude

  • Smile