Colour your Life

Are you looking for a fun and unique workshop for you and your team members? This interactive colour consultation training workshop for corporate is made for you. It is a perfect team-building activity that you never experienced before. Learning how to compliment your skin tone with the correct palette of colours is the key to make the most of who you are by looking and feeling at your very best.



Colour your Life Workshop Overview


Invite your team members to discover their most flattering colour palette with New Reflections’ unique colour analysis training workshop. Wearing the right colours will make your team members look and feel more professional, energetic, and powerful while wearing the wrong colours often result in producing an apathetic, dull and unprofessional first impression. Our training workshop will help participants to determine their personal colour palette to improve their impact and influence at work.



Colour your Life Course Content

  • Get introduced to colour and personal colour analysis.

  • Look at your colour habits and preferences.

  • Get familiar with the terminologies and learn to recognise colours based on their temperature, saturation and brightness.

  • Discover the optical effects created by colours and learn to use them at your advantage.

  • Enjoy a unique colour analysis and find out your personal colour palette.

  • Learn the best colour harmonies and combinations to mix and match colours.

  • Understand the importance of proportions when wearing colours.

  • Appreciate the great impact of accessories to reinforce your style and create colour combinations.

  • Create new outfits and combinations based on your existing wardrobe.

  • Start a shopping list to summarise key accessories and clothes that could complement your existing wardrobe.

  • Get introduced to colour psychology and understand how to effectively communicate through colours.

  • Select appropriate colour combinations to different professional situations.

  • Receive your personal colour booklet containing key tips and advice as well as your personal colour palette.

  • Highlight your learning keys.


Various resources: Draping, practical application, role-play, case studies, games, exercises, photos…



Designed For


This colour consultation training workshop for corporate will benefit all teams from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who are facing clients and business partners. From punctual face-to-face interactions with clients to daily discussions, we all need to get the most from our first impression. This unique workshop is a perfect team-building activity for your team; not only participants are learning essential personal branding keys, but they also participate in a fun and uncommon team activity.




  • Motivation

  • Positive attitude

  • Smile



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