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There is a difference between being a leader and being a manager, a leader isn’t necessarily a manager, but a true manager must be a leader. The best managers are also great leaders who motivate and engage others; connecting people with vision.


Manager Training Overview


Supervision or management is the art of achieving outcomes through other people.  Supervision requires balancing different views and adapting your management style to suit any situation. Learning to manage others requires an adjustment to the way you work, how you perceive yourself and how others perceive you. New Reflections’ workshop the manager toolbox will equip participants with effective management and supervisory skills that will help them and their organisation succeed even in challenging times. Our program is ideal to assist leaders to learn new techniques and refine basic management skills.



Manager Training Course content

  • Define leadership and management.

  • Assess your management skills: gain awareness of your management style strengths, weaknesses and blind spots.

  • Learn the keys to develop and strengthen your qualities & competencies.

  • Develop effective organisational and time management skills.

  • Learn effective communication best practices to develop positive interactions with team members and senior managers.

  • Discover how to delegate effectively.

  • Develop key leadership and management skills, i.e. how to motivate, influence, orchestrate.

  • Apply appropriate management styles to different situations and personality types.

  • Get ready to make decisions and solve problems on your own— quickly, creatively and confidently.

  • Manage performance and develop skills to inspire, motivate & engage.

  • Prepare your team meetings and individual reviews.

  • Work on conflict resolution and change management.

  • Coach and mentor your team members.

  • Increase your self-confidence and assertiveness to stay poised, confident and professional in any situation.

  • Be introduced to emotional intelligence.

  • Highlight your learning keys and write down your action plan.


Various resources: Debates, role-play, case studies, real-life scenarios, games, exercises…


Designed For


This course will benefit all managers and directors from a variety of backgrounds, industries and skill levels who wish to improve their management and organisational skills to boost their team effectiveness and results. Get ready to delegate more effectively.


  • Motivation

  • Positive attitude

  • Smile


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