Friday is Coming... Casual Friday?!
  • Maud Vanhoutte

Friday is Coming... Casual Friday?!

Where is the limit?

Are there limits?!?

What Casual means?

Are there differences depending on companies?

Let’s have a look to the definition: “Casual Friday is a Western trend, which has spread to other parts of the world, in which some business offices relax their dress code on Fridays”.

So, what to wear for casual Friday at the office?

I would say it depends on your industry, your company and the usual dress code.

If the dress code is Formal, stay formal but loose the tie.

If the dress code is Smart Casual, choose a polo shirt instead of a shirt.

If the dress code is Casual, well, be casual but make sure you wear something appropriate for work.

Don't Take Casual Fridays Too Casually

Do you want to help your team members dressing appropriately?

Let’s develop the perfect training for your needs!

Your brand’s image relies heavily on the individuals that make up your company. Your employees represent your company and the way that they present themselves and communicate reflects on the way your company is perceived by potential clients.

Therefore, it is important that your employees project a professional, appropriate and consistent image at all times.

Our programs will equip them with a range of skills to create an impact and directly increase your clients’ satisfaction.

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