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8+ ideas to get rid of stress

Last update: 2023, June, 26th

Stress is a natural defensive reaction of an organism when faced against difficult situations. To help deal with stress the body reacts by creating adrenaline which increases heart rate, speeds up breathing and increases energy consumption in the body. Stress may be useful in demanding situations but too much stress is bad for one’s health.

get rid of stress

Here are some ideas and habits to adopt to feel more Zen.

1. Think positive to reduce anxiety

First of all, identify the origin of your stress and ask yourself if your reaction to the situation is reasonable and balanced or excessive. We often make big issues out of small matters, leading us to feel overwhelmed and panicked, which in return prevents us from achieving what we want. It’s important to identify the differences between what is a serious problem and a small everyday issue, so that you can gain perspective on the situation. Taking perspective and thinking positively will help to reduce feeling overwhelmed and allow you to keep on track with your task and responsibilities, allowing you to better achieve your goals, even if they seem difficult and out of reach.

2. Organisation is the key to get rid of stress

Even though life is full of unforeseen events, taking the opportunity to organise, you can avoid any “last minute or unexpected stress”. Strong time management skills are beneficial to help combat stress levels, even before or after the stressful event. For example, writing all your task in an agenda or on a list and crossing out the points you did will give you the impression of going forward, reducing panic and stress around a project.

3. Evacuate tension and indulge yourself fist

Don’t let tension engulf around you. Organise some relaxation time to forget everything and concentrate on yourself. For example, you can read a book, listen to music that you like, take a hot bath, go shopping, and smile!

4. Breath to feel more zen

meditate to get rid of stress

The simplest solution to fight against stress is to breath. A simple breath is the basis of every relaxation exercise. You just have to take a deep breath, inhaling while swelling the stomach, rib cage and shoulder then slowly exhale through the mouth. Imagine that you are inhaling calming energy and you exhale all the tension and negative thinking.

5. A good lifestyle helps to get rid of stressful situations

One’s ability to control stress is influenced by a healthy lifestyle. Part of a healthy lifestyle is eating balanced meals. Try to eat a combination of 4 pieces of fruits and vegetables per day, drink 1.5L of water and do not skip meals. It’s recommended in one’s diet eating whole wheat bread, cereal, black chocolate, bananas, dried fruits or dried vegetables. It’s also recommended to avoid tobacco, alcohol, tea, coffee, or sugar. In fact, they could transform you in an infuriating nervous person.

6. Sport to exert yourself

Sport enables you to stop your current thoughts and concentrate on yourself. After sport, you will feel more relaxed thanks to endorphin (hormone of pleasure) released during effort. You can practice the sport you want and the easiest to practice are walking, running, swimming, biking or fitness.

7. Restorative sleep is the key to feel zen

One of the most important elements to fight against stress is the quality of your sleep. In fact, you have to feel recharged and fresh in order to function to your optimal ability. This involves respecting your internal clock.

8. Meditate

Meditation is a way to concentrate on yourself and feel relaxed. It consists in thinking about what you want to achieve with your meditation. You can find a peaceful environment, a posture and a breathing technique that you feel comfortable with. Then focus on yourself, on your breath and it will helps you to purify your mind and let interesting ideas and thoughts emerge, without trying to control for them, which hinders effective creative thinking.

Here are some tips to reduce stress in the everyday life:

  • Listen to music you enjoy

  • Take time to relive a happy moment of your life

  • Look out the windows and see cats, birds, nature and just observe

  • Catch up with friends

  • Laugh

  • Consider failure like an experience rather than an obstacle

  • Listen more

  • Observe a fish in an aquarium

  • Read in waiting time (transports, appointments, …)

  • Stretch yourself out

  • Stroke a domestic animal

  • Turn off your phone and watch a movie

  • Take a hot bath

  • Buy comfortable clothes that are easy to maintain

  • Take the time to adapt yourself to a major change before living another one

  • Make a 15 minutes break and relax

  • Walk a way you never been before

  • Reduce caffeine intake

  • Speak less

  • Listen more

  • Get involved in a non-profit organisation

  • Don’t keep your problems to yourself, share with someone you trust in

  • Say no to projects, events or activities that you know you won’t have time for

  • The last day of work, clean your desk. Then, you will be organised on Monday morning

  • Even if you are very busy, take the time to take a break to eat and get away from your office

  • Leave your work at work

  • Do some gardening

If you think you need help to reduce stress on your everyday life, feel free to contact us


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