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Personal branding for students with Ambarvale High-School | Case study

Personal branding workshop for students from Ambarvale High-School

Case studies help you discover how we work: from our client's needs to the solutions and results. We tailor our training programs.

Personal branding workshop for students

As Australia’s number one soft skills training centre, we facilitate professional development programs for all learners, including high-school students.

High-school Students’ personal branding and reputation challenges

What was Ambervale’s High-School’s project with the personal branding training workshop?

Project overview:

Delivering a personal branding and reputation fun and interactive workshop to 60 students.


60 junior leaders from years 7-11 engaged in leadership learning & school projects.

Main expectations:

  • Helping high school students create a strong positive brand and reputation to assist their future careers.

  • Preparing future leaders to showcase their skillset and story.

  • Improving the school’s overall image and branding

What are the personal branding challenges Ambervale’s high-school students are facing?

High-school students all face similar difficulties when it comes to their reputation, online visibility, and personal brand. Some of those challenges are:

  • Embracing their identity as high school students and future professionals

  • Understanding the role high school students have as school ambassadors.

  • Winning awareness over the impact of their behaviour inside and outside their high school

  • Finding value in focusing on their personal branding and reputation in high school

  • Developing strategies to build a positive and strong digital footprint that will assist their career.

  • Wearing the high school uniform with pride

New Reflections’ personal branding training workshops for high-school students

With Ambervale High School brief, expectations, time, and budget constraints, New Reflections developed the best personal branding training program:

The Personal Branding and Reputation training day was organised through 2 training formats, catering to large and small groups of participants.

The day was introduced to the big group through fun and interactive games and activities to engage everyone. Then, the junior leaders from years 7-11 have been invited to work in smaller groups to invite more personalised advice and give everyone a chance to participate. Some of the playful learning activities Ambervale high school students have been invited to take part in include debates, games, quizzes, and brainstorming sessions.

Reputation and high school students’ brand training workshop outlines:

  • Defining personal branding and understanding its importance for professional success

  • Learning more about first impressions and personal presentation

  • Understanding the impact communication skills and body language have on personal brand.

  • Wearing the uniform with pride and being a school ambassador

  • Embracing the school’s culture and respecting the school’s values

  • Focusing on their online presence for a safe and positive digital footprint

  • Developing professional conduct at all times by applying the right behaviours in different situations

  • Finding out how to develop a strong personal brand to assist their future careers.

Watch an extract from the workshop

How engaging was the workshop? Listen to the laughter in this short video and you will have a test of the training engagement.

Ambervale High School students’ feedback after attending the personal branding and reputation training class.

Thanks to our highly experienced and trained facilitators, the students immediately felt confident to engage, participate, and debate. They took the learning experience very seriously and engaged themselves in the games and activities with enthusiasm.

From the laughs, the smiles, and the passionate conversations, we can easily say that everyone had a really great day and enjoyed learning about their Personal Brand.

After the workshop, the students felt empowered and motivated to take better care of their personal brand and reputation, as they understood its importance and impact. They have learned how to present themselves and create a positive appearance online and offline. Furthermore, they learned how to successfully brand themselves, to represent their personality, passions, and skillset on social media. They will now take responsibility for their own actions and take better care on their social media channels.

The last area they committed to focus on was their first impression and personal appearance as they studied the following principles:

  • we do not get a second chance to make a first impression.

  • we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, still, we do.

Future Opportunities

It was a pleasure to work with Ambarvale High School’s young talents and we are looking forward to inspiring the next generation of future leaders.

New Reflections is aware of the need for students to not only develop their hard, technical skills but also focus on fundamental people skills, also called soft skills.

Soft skills are personal characteristics that enable high school students to interact well with others. Some of the most important soft skills for students include communication, self-confidence, emotional intelligence, leadership, and personal branding.

Feedback: What Ambervale High School students must share about the personal branding and reputation workshop for teenagers?

Amazing, I was very interested the whole time!
Would recommend this course 100%!
The speaker was good, I would definitely recommend her

About Ambarvale High-School

Ambarvale high school is a dynamic local high school with a focus on quality teaching and learning, located in Rosemeadow, New South Wales. The students there learn in an innovative environment where they are given every opportunity to excel.

Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Excellence, and Cooperation are their core values. The school's Positive Behaviour for Learning framework is used in all aspects of school by teaching expected behaviours and rewarding positive behaviours.

Ambarvale high school’s mission is to meet the needs of the community, improve the quality of teaching and enhance outcomes for all their students.

Questions to JECYKA GRASSO - Student Learning Advisor, HSIE Teacher, Junior Leaders Coordinator

What was your main motivation or challenge when you first contacted us?

The Junior Leadership Team was working on improving the school’s image in the community and getting some knowledge of personal branding and image.

How did we respond to this motivation or challenge?

New Reflections responded by providing a personalised program that suited the needs of our students and the school.

What were the advantages for Ambarvale High School, to work with New Reflections?

We were able to have an external professional company present their knowledge in an engaging workshop.

Did the learning solutions we offered to meet your expectations?

Yes, they did. Students were able to walk away with increased knowledge and understanding of their personal branding and image. The workshop was engaging and worthwhile.

Would you recommend our training workshops at other schools? Why?

I would recommend your training workshops to other schools. You delivered everything you promised in the program and catered everything to suit the needs of our school and clientele. Students completed feedback forms at the completion of the workshops and their responses were very positive.


New Reflections’ case studies help you understand how your favourite soft skills training centre works with different clients and organisations. Those reviews are made to showcase the creative ways we developed to bring professional development learning solutions to your talents. We do offer regular training workshops in classrooms, but we also go the extra mile when you are looking at new fun ways to bring professional development short courses to your teams. From training sessions in the park, soft skills amazing races, online programs, and lunch and learn short courses, we sure innovate to respond to your evolving workplace reality.

From our clients' needs to the solutions, we designed and the results we delivered, follow the successful journeys of our training participants.


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