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Basic Communication Skills and Life Skills to improve Daily Living

Last update: March, 2024

Learn how to communicate better to create strong relationship skills

young adults with great Basic communication skills

This Basic Communication Skills and Life Skills workshop is designed to support individuals who may not have received guidance in effective communication and interaction with others.

It emphasizes that it's not just about what we say, but also how we say it, as our manner of speaking influences who listens and understands us.

Strong communication skills are essential for fostering enduring relationships, both personally and professionally.

Recognising that communication and relationships can be challenging for some individuals, especially those with special needs, New Reflections has developed this unique training workshop.

Participants will gain valuable insights into effective communication techniques, including:

  • what to say,

  • how to say it,

  • when to say it.

They will also learn key strategies for cultivating positive and meaningful relationships.

Basic Communication Skills and Life Skills Course Content

  • Explain what communication means and its importance in building strong relationships with others - both at work and in your personal life.

  • Share what you already know about communication with the group to encourage discussion and learning.

  • Find out how communication works to improve your interactions with others.

  • Learn common mistakes to avoid when communicating to prevent misunderstandings.

  • Find out the most important things for good communication to enhance your relationships.

  • Define and understand the words used in relationships to improve your understanding.

  • Match the right actions to different types of relationships to ensure positive interactions.

  • Show the right and wrong things to do in relationships to promote healthy connections.

  • Make and complete your 'boundary box' to establish clear limits in your relationships.

  • Explore how body language affects relationships to improve your nonverbal communication.

  • Learn about different levels of formality in communication to adapt to different situations.

  • Understand why it is important to love yourself in relationships to foster self-confidence.

  • Look at your own skills to see where you can get better and enhance your relationships.

  • Understand how your emotions influence your communication and learn strategies to “play with the volume button” of your emotions to improve your communication. 

  • Make a personal contract to keep track of your progress and commit to positive changes.

Our training workshops are created around a range of resources tailored to enhance learning: engaging discussions, interactive exercises, practical hands-on practice, visual aids such as photos and videos, authentic real-life scenarios, and immersive role-playing games.

Practical Information for this Training Session

At New Reflections, our training sessions are as diverse as your organisation's needs. Ranging from dynamic 90-minute sessions to comprehensive multi-day workshops, each session is thoughtfully crafted to suit your unique requirements. Whether you prefer individual coaching sessions for personalised development or immersive team-building workshops for collective growth, we've got you covered. Plus, with the flexibility of online or in-house options, you can choose the setting that best fits your team's schedule and preferences.

  • Duration from 90-min to full 3-day sessions

  • Group workshops or individual coaching

  • Flexible options for online or in-house delivery


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